October 20, 2015 – Rising Moonlight – First to Second Quarter Transition

supermoon-724375_1920MOON SQUARE SUN [1:31 pm pdt/ 2:31 pm mdt/ 3:31 pm cdt/ 4:31 pm edt] marks the transition from the first quarter to the second quarter–the lighter side of the lunar cycle, building toward the FULL MOON on October 27th, a SUPERMOON in Taurus.

The creative energy of this cycle is building. We are rising toward a special Full Moon. This Taurus Full Moon is Opposite a Sun in Scorpio–our authentic pure power, focus and ability to manifest our soul’s here, or feel disempowered and oppressed by something we’ve allowed to keep us from rising into our own true expression here. An expression of our unique tapestry of loving.

MOON goes into the VOID at 1:31 pm at the lunar square. In the VOID we are between Capricorn energy and Aquarian energy, in transition. We are preparing for a community expansion and exploration, from the building and serious business nature of Capricorn.

steelwool-477318_1920MOON enters Aquarius [at 6:38 pm pdt/ 7:38 pm mdt/ 8:38 pm cdt/ 9:38 pm edt] into community color and co-creation. We are not alone, nor are we meant to be. Billions of us here-TOGETHER! We are here to collaborate in unique and creative ways! These ways are meant to evoke joy in our global heart!

MOON in light-filled Aquarian fun sign, SEXTILE SATURN in worldly Sagittarius late tonight. Time to build a new world of the new kind-hearted Global Family!