October 17, 2015- Activation ~ Freedom ~ New Abundance!

MARS CONJUNCT JUPITER – exact on Saturday invites a profound expansion in the area’s of MARS, hippie-BloodButterfliespeace(the masculine) and Virgo–the sign they are in–clean up, healing, and the revealing of all that needs to be done to “make us more whole.”

In this rite of passage-activation- we are invited to EXPAND to meet the changes in front of us and the messages we are receiving. Jupiter, although it can manifest in good luck, and abundance, that good luck and abundance–emerges from a radiance and expansion of the generous heart of humanity. It is our own generous heart that fuels the abundance that turns the world.

The dark side of MARS/JUPITER in Virgo is in the realm of judgement. We are in “judgement day times,” when we are moving toward the “last judgement.” this is the last time humanity judges itself. We are getting closer, and to see this, we will see how the critical, separating, labeling mind, is the dinosaur dark side of Virgo that we are releasing.

How are we invited to expand our own generous heart, and where are we being gifted? These are the high places of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

Meanwhile–what are we learning about our own Mars’ characteristics. Where do we need to temper and where do we need to fuel?fuel-meter-311685_1280