October 15, 2015 – Action In the Unknown

Out of the VOID, the Great Unknown, all things, including us, are born, renewed, and returned again. sun-AutumnLeafHeartSuch is love, to recycle us through the deep unknown, from time to time, so that we can be re-shaped. This re-shaping we go through is only the innocent renewal of a billion cells being reborn anew each day. We are cellularly renewing in every moment, and the mental state, and thoughts, and beliefs of this moment shape our cells.

Today MOON is VOID all day in Scorpio, after the MOON went VOID yesterday [at 5:58 pm pdt/ 6:58 pm mdt/ 7:58 pm cdt/ 8:58 pm edt]. There is often a plea from the shadows in Scorpio–whatever our deepest inner plea’s are, they are singing from our depths, into the VOID, where all things are returned and renewed.

Tonight [at 8:36 pm pdt/ 9:36 pm mdt/ 10:36 pm cdt/ 11:36 pm edt] sunbeam-76825_1280MARS TRINES PLUTO offering a self-driven, clear intention-be-set-catharsis of action. There is a need for right action on our part, to empower ourselves. We are perhaps needing to create in the VOID, to trust, have faith in our own vision and to penetrate the renewal of ourselves with our own sensed heart-echoed visions and magical intent. With our subtle senses, we can see our way into the VOID, with creation eyes.

autumn-PurpleLeavesThe deeper we go, on the adventure of being ourselves, the more full our colorful reflection becomes in the mirror of life. Each step takes us deeper into our own imagined fabric of life. It is responding to us each day. We are loved deeply by the fabric of life. We can trust the journey, one heart-driven step at a time. On a day like today–normal administrative tasks can seem slippery, however the actions of the soul have traction. Pluto is always a messenger and actor of the deepest recesses of our own heart’s that we’ve touched lately–and what is under that? Today, “what is under” our deep heart plea’s, knows what to do next. autumn-babyBOyMay the depth of our knowing, creative drive and clear invention be lifted by our focus into this world. From soul, to heart, to world we go with our deep deep love of life.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Astrology School Update:  I can remind myself and all that, even though we may set the intention, for the creation of ourselves and our dreams, they have their own time. Like organic flowers, our dreams grow toward the sun each day. As we cultivate our creations they flourish in their own way. This school is about to pop out of the soil in its own sun-honored way. After all the complex building materials were examined, I’ve settled on the most grass-roots ways. I’ll be sending out a schedule for the new semester in the next few days. Even in the strangest of times, new life is emerging with support for the budding new era of light. As soulworkers and Astrologers, we are here to sound the trumpets and lay the psychic anchors for the new era consciousness just arriving into our world. leaf-183283_1920Heaven will make its way to earth, through us. There is also the releasing of “Hell” through us, as frequencies are shifting. May we be graceful in the direct shift of frequencies within and without.

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