October 14, 2015 – Home Power Expansion in All Directions

Pure Focus is a Key

MOON in Deep Scorpio invites more focus on our path. With this focus, we expand in all directions, as a natural abundance to our ability to focus our consciousness, intention and attention.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS in the middle of the night, pre-dawn is a feminine magic dance in cosmic sequence with a host of other syncronistic expansions and minor miracles.

In deep water, MOON TRINES more water NEPTUNE in Pisces [at 5:24 am pdt/ 6:24 am mdt/ 7:24 am cdt/ 8:24 pm edt]. With our focus, a whole fabric of life can respond. As we dream so we live. As we expand into other layers of self, we may meet boundless spiritual dimensions. When spiritual dimensions cross earth, they seem to dance through in a web of interconnected magic. Tapping that syncronicity symphony allows us to create from our inner joy, rather than outer circumstances or directives. May we allow the syncronicities of life to carry us home.

MOON SEXTILE MARS in the afternoon [3:22 pm pdt/ 4:22 pm mdt/ 5:22 pm cdt/ 6:22 pm edt], is a kiss from action to mama and mama to action. Mama’s can be cowboy’s and win rodeo’s and mama’s are superhero’s especially with a MARS in Virgo super healer. Its a day to be  super self healer! Take Action~from our core we “know” what to do.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [4:50 pm pdt/ 5:50 pm mdt/ 6:50 pm cdt/ 7:50 pm edt] expands us in another direction. Our personal power is expanded. The sacred geometry of today stretches us in many directions at once! Can we let go of limitations long enough to see the grace and miracles of life unfold through joy? Can we allow our boundaries to expand so fast into invisible divine power, that we can plunge into heaven from earth and power a revolution of love?

Can we resonate the power of love into every cell of our being? Pluto likes intensity. Can we play Love intensely?

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at [5:58 pm pdt/ 6:58 pm mdt/ 7:58 pm cdt/ 8:58 pm edt] is a compassionate good luck evening radiance. Jupiter emits a special kind of “good luck,” and expansive light. In the face of Jupiter, we grow bigger, our hearts expand wider and we laugh in big belly laughs that heal ourselves and the world from the inside out.

May our wholeness expand in the arms of the personal lunar trines and sextiles of today. May we soar in consciousness above the dim mundane mind, forever harboring a whistle and filter of love in our eyes.

May we whistle and see love. May we bathe and cover each other with healing petals.

This is a healing expansive cycle of loving deeply. May we love what we love, passionately.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .