October 12, 2015 – Happy New Moon in Libra ~ In the Relational Re-birth Canal!

balance balance balance

Happy NEW MOON in Libra! The new Moon is not until the evening. Today is still a completion day, the last bits of the eclipse unwinding.

New life is percolating . . . . under the surface of the coming evening New Moon [at 5:06 pm, pdt/ 6:06 pm mdt/ 7:06 pm cdt/ 8:06 pm edt] toward the end of the solar journey through Justice-making (libra).

This New Moon invites us more deeply out of the Eclipse Death Field, and back into life, romance, love and beauty of life. If we were at all separated from these essential Libran qualities for a time, during Eclipse Purge time, its time to re-invite the soft tender beautiful feminine parts we lost, back in for safety and refuge, expression and delivery!

A Mysterious Death of Old Relationship is underway. This New Moon, from the ashes, rises a New Relationship Form ~ More Honor, More Sacredness, An Ascension!

Prior to the NEW MOON, we have another cathartic squeeze in our long-term-life-death-birth canal of shift and change! MOON SQUARES PLUTO [at 4:19 am pdt/ 5:19 pm mdt/ 6:19 pm cdt/ 7:19 pm edt]

In the area of relationship–Libra–a squre to PLUTO is causing a huge change and then even more change. This alchemy is asking us to purge any misuses of power, lies or untrue expressions of love, trading them for the purer, unconditional love, and curiosity toward the divine plan.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [at 3:20 pm pdt/ 4:20 pm mdt/ 5:20 pm cdt/ 6:20 pm edt] is another breakthrough aspect–continuing with the trend of yesterday, breaking through creatively and breaking through stuck or old emotions today! This is a potentially shocking electrically charged aspect. When we let go of attachments to any losses, we can fly into more freedom.

This New Moon invites a REBIRTH and RENEWAL of love relationships. It invites us into Mastery! We are here to First Master Ourselves, then from that place to Unconditionally Divine Love, Love Each Other!

May the Music that we make together–change the world forever, to a more loving place.  Soul Love!