October 10, 2015 – Goddess Work VOID & Deep Inner Nourishment

This is a good day to enjoy the VOID with a woman friend and look for nectar all day long.

MOON TRINE PLUTO (3:12pm pdt) yesterday, sent the MOON into a VOID (in between state.) MOON IS VOID ALL DAY TODAY! This means time is slippery and a little strange and its best not to go shopping. It is however a good day to “return things!” Within this VOID, much alchemy is taking place! Today is a strangely magical working VOID for women especially.

Its Harvest Time ~ Gratitude Time and Time for women to gather in their work

Now with MERCURY DIRECT, women especially–as the retrograde was in Libra–have been busy exploring the depths of their relationship territory!–and now that MERCURY has gone direct at ground zero of relationship renewal and start-over zone, We are ready to move forward on all the work that was discombobulated by all the shifty volatile changey energy! (energy of the eclipse field we just crossed through)

Libra is related to both women and relationship. Mercury just went back and forth, digging deep in our history and patterning around loving relationships. (for men too!)

As we come to the end of the eclipse cycle and MERCURY has gone DIRECT ~ we may all have the feeling, “Its time to get down to work!”  And yet, we are at the end of an old cycle still, so not yet ready to leap out into the world of launches, releases and big new beginnings, until after NEW MOON on the 12th/13th of Oct.

What is it women are building together and working together in this time? Where are we going, all together?

VENUS SQUARES SATURN today! This is the only aspect of today This is a commitment and responsibility shift related to our creative work in the world. It is a quiet time, energy is low and even unseen. We are secretly behind the “seens,” delving into the deep feminine work. The new way is women doing it together, and men allowing their feminine side within, in balance to their masculine side, and allowing women to rise into their balanced power with men.

Sometimes, there are things women need to do together. This is one of those days, for women to get together, and if men get together, for them to explore their inner feminine and possibly cross-dressing.

Today we upgrade the way that we are upholding the feminine work within, with Saturn’s masculine fatherly structures and presence. This SQUARE is a rising square in Venus’ cycle, lifting us with real form. Even as we are tired, (even exhausted)–women make miracles together.


Laughter during work projects, brings more abundance!

At the end of an eclipse cycle, we are all tender hearted, and a little tired, tried and ready for grace. This is the day we stir the pot of grace.

At the end of a shakey-wakey eclipse cycle we are raw tilled soil for fertile creative dreams that would not nest in uptight or invulnerable. We are vulnerable now, after being eclipsed, to allow grace in. May we deeply nourish our tender hearts today, with each other’s love.

. . . . .

Note from Astrology School~
We tried to release the school before the big eclipse death/rebirth field and mercury retrograde, and we were caught right in it ~ So we have been refined through it and will present the new school and programs at the natural beginning time, after October 13th.

All those of you on our school list, expect to hear from us around then, and those of you who are not on our school e-mail list, please click here, scroll to the bottom of page and give me your digital wherabouts (e-maill address). Love On! ~