October 9, 2015 – MERCURY DIRECT! Retro-Revelation Completing ~

We are capable of Great Shifting ~

MOON in Virgo OPPOSITE NEPTUNE in Pisces (at 3:53 am pdt/ 4:53 am mdt/ 5:53 am cdt/ 6:53 am edt) is a big water. We are in a “sea-change” kind of day. (those come along oh every once in a while!) This is a fruition aspect at the end of the eclipse cycle. Work well done is in the flow of the river of gifts.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS in Virgo is powerful personal energy for cleaning and right action, amidst low energy unwinding eclipse-ness and possible exhaustion. Cleaning is a remedy for everything today. (there are days like this to!)

seagull-733898_1280MERCURY STATIONS (from the perspective of earth it stops). [at 7:57 am pdt/ 8:57 am mdt/ 9:57 am cdt/ 10:57 am edt]

This Mercury STATIONS at Zero Degrees Libra. This means we arrive at the bottom of the Mercury Retrograde, at a kind of Ground Zero! We have dug deeply into our hearts and souls and been brutally honest as the FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Libra teamed up with Mercury Retrograde in Libra to clear old Karma. (eclipse-like and ego-killing).

Partnerships from the past, lovers from the past, ideas from the past, revelations based on circles and loops that connect to the past/future time-circle. . . . . there is magic in the circular mystery of MERCURY RETROGRADE.

Ground Zero – Alive, Beautiful and Empty

As this planet of mind, communications and now, shifting from retrograde to forward motion in some alchemical layer of our-selves-we find ourselves at Ground Zero–in our relational life. If we are able to pause today–it is good to “let the world stop,” and witness the magic of this fabric of time in our lives, even as it is in service to us in a unique and different kind of way today!

Over the next 3 weeks, MERCURY will cross, forward from Ground Zero in Libra, into a new way, over each degree it retrograded through, for final revelations. Today–there may be syncronicities and final completion connections.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER (at 2:24 pm pdt/ 3:24 pm mdt/ 4:24 pm cdt/ 5:24 pm edt) offers a gift of abundance, expansion and grace, amidst potentially confusing circumstances in the shifting MERCURY in Libra energy. stopping at Ground Zero–there is incredible invisible grace–what do we need. Important to ask for it. Ask and ye shall receive.

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 3:12 pm pdt/ 4:12 pm mdt/ 5:12 pm cdt/ 6:12 pm edt) is a personal ground of humility and finding authentic humble divine power.

. . . . . . . . .

May the source be with you in the sea change!