October 7, 2015 – Pure Magic Unwinding

sunset-MercurialTreewaning eclipsed MOON SEXTILES SUN this morning (at 4:40 am pdt/ 5:40 am mdt/ 6:40 am cdt/ 7:40 am edt). Moon is in Leo and filled with creative fire! SUN in Libra, fuels creative fire!

MOON TRINE URANUS (at 2:10 pm pdt/ 3:10 pm mdt/ 4:10 pm cdt/ 5:10 pm edt) brings us into alignment with a divine awakening. After being shaken up, like tilling the soil, now we are fertile for new awakened world life.

Moon is waning down, energy sinks lower and quieter within us. Rest calls from deep within.

There is magic in our hands today!

MERCURY is slowing down and goes DIRECT on Friday morning! In these last few days, of Mercury Retrograde, we can re-member the magic of a retrograde. There is always retrograde magic! The magic of circles, redo’s and re-meeting old friends and loved-ones from the past!

As the energy winds down in the cycle, we can allow an outbreath, final let go, release, and rest. May we enjoy the restful time in the let go eclipse cycle!