October 4, 2015 – Transforma-shift ~ Bottom of Eclipse Cycle – Last Quarter – Power Crunch

Eclipses, although they bring losses can also bring out the drama, color and poignant depth of real life! Beauty and all, charged with elemental power–the elementals are charged today!

MOON SEXTILE MARS (at 4 am pdt/ 5am mdt/ 6am cdt/ 7am edt) is an action burst of energy–first thing–WE ARE ALIVE and READY FOR ACTION! –fueled by fire, passion and pure life force.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE (7:08 am pdt/ 8:08 am mdt/ 9:08 am cdt/ 10:08 am edt) aligns grace with our actions so there can be an easy flow to what we do today.

SUN SQUARE MOON (Libra to Cancer)–working out inner relationship themes with mother today–as the eclipse-emotional-clearing-machine continues to unwind through each of us.

Spiralling inward toward a cathartic inner shift is a good idea as the energy drops down into the dark phase of the lunar cycle. Even tiny touches make ripples in a tender time ~

[2:06 pm, pdt/3:06 pm mdt/ 4:06 pm cdt/ 5:06 pm edt]  is the last quarter shift point. At this point, in the lunar cycle, the energy drops down the darker last quarter. Energy drops, more silence, more rest, and more introspection are called for. Insecurity flares its head and we can either go with joyful leaps of faith and a pure trust walk,  as we walk through the dark–(lower energy)–passage of the eclipse lunar cycle, or fall on the ground shaking in fear. Either is ok. Shaking is very healthy when done to music!

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [at 2:41 pm pdt/ 3:41 pm mdt/ 4:41 cdt/ time-for-change-874666_12805:41 edt] ~ Cancer to Virgo allows the good fairy cleaning side of mothering to clear the path to expanded states through the passage of deep cleaning. Through cleaning and clearing, we are able to expand our light through a release of dense grey sheets of smog/old dying consciousness.

Still Harvesting our Reborn and Rebirthing self

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 5:14 pm pdt/ 6:14 pm mdt/ 7:14 cdt/ 8:14 edt is a reminder that we are still in the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO birth canal, even though we had the final Seventh Square in four years, in March of 2015, we have one more almost exact square in December this year : 2016. This opposition today, is a friendly reminder, that “we are still in the birth canal and still being born.” Contractions abound, pushing us from an old era to a new era.

At this time we are especially feeling this death/re-birth in the area of loving relationships.

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