October 2, 2015 – Eclipse Unwinding, Honoring Emotional Purification

The Lunar Eclipse (aries/libra) is an inward pull toward our inner hearts deepest motivations and feelings, purifying, expressing and manifesting

This blog is written in retro-spect. (honoring Mercury Retrograde!) I started to write it on paper on a mountain and before it made it to digital bits, MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE  then JUPITER, (expansion of emotions)–light entering. . . . in the morning, I was transported into my own emotional grief (due to an ex partner’s actions, triggering something in me). I’ve had an outpouring of tears from touching the place of deep pain related to my relationships of masculine and feminine.  Fathers, Brothers, Uncles and lovers.  Rising out of a big river of tears, I’ve let go of something and am able to write. (I apologize for those who look for these daily updates–for the delay!)

MOON SEXTILE URANUS adding a touch of uncommon magic, timing and invisible alchemy.

The situation likely did not warrant the amount of grief that was triggered, so as I felt the pain of—not having mutually understanding relationships with the opposite sex, where there is an ongoing honor, and co-miracle-making on each other’s behalf–I fell into the deep grief of my “core wound.”

I share this with you, as it reminded me that we are still in the eclipse field, and now we are in the “coming down,” letting go, and releasing part of the FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Libra – activating the Libra/Aries axis.

Surfing off the FULL MOON eclipse in LIbra, all the way down to the New Moon on Oct 12.

This Aries/Libra axis is a tender place for us. (perhaps one of the most tender places)–as the dance of male and female, sacred union or polarized animosity, this pair is attracted and repulsed, throughout our time here on planet earth. We all have a soul’s history and a history of relationships in this life.

As we come down off of the Eclipse and the SUN/MERCURY CONJUNCTION, dropping more light into our emotions, we are purifying our emotional body related to love and relating (especially male/female) or intimate family relationships of the past. MERCURY RETROGRADING all the way back to Zero Libra, is taking us to our “Ground Zero of relationship modus” for a “reset.”

Each of us–perhaps at different times in the big eclipse field–could be challenged to touch our “core wound,” around relationship, allowing some of the “charge,” to release from our bodies and psyches. Eclipses are purifying in ways that we don’t realize–gifts of purification and release. The shocking losses or messages we can experience in the eclipse field often end a chapter and begin a new one.

Final Releases in the waning Eclipse cycle

As we come down toward the darker side of the lunar cycle, the mission, and poignant purification of this eclipse cycle, is emptying our emotional world of some of our past pains and inhibitions from loving (or not loving) others and ourselves.

This eclipse field will purify us in ways we might not imagine as cleaning, our deep emotional bodies are being washed with light and elevations of frequency that cause any dense “holds” to erupt or dump out of us. Anything that surfaces in anyone for the next 1.5 weeks is an exit door.

May we be tender with each other as we are letting go of past mistakes, wounds and pains

We can hold sacred space for the density that is leaving our body–the emotional suffering we underwent in the past, can leave us now. It may show itself as it exits, as we feel the density, the grief, the regret, sorrow or simple releases of the past.

Just surfacing from the intense grief of the “lighting up,” of my most core emotional wound, where I am somehow abandoned by love due to my own mistakes or ineffective communication skills.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I’ve been learning, watching, tracking, inbibing, and dreaming the planetary cycles for over 20 years. The webinar I’m hosting for y’all on October 6th, 2015 ~ is a bubbling over of my years of this practice. There is a way that knowing the aspects and cycles does give you “an edge,” at your own self mastery. It also reveals a sycnronistic way our mundane everyday existence seems to fit into a larger cycle, pattern and gift of life–that we all surf, each in our own way.

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I have not e-mailed all the students yet with the full program because we are still dying and being reborn. The above intro class is a beginning. I’ll be completing and sending out information on the full school at the right time. If you are not on my list, please click here, and scroll to the bottom, send me your e-mail address!