October 1, 2015 – Creative Tension to Creative Action – Mid-Day VOID!

New Incoming Light is expanding us! We are elevating in frequency! Hallalujah! woo!

Receiving a whole new upload of frequency expansive light, is not always easy! It can have us feeling like we are glowing in the middle of the night! It can infuse us with the soulful truth of our true radiance, essence and freedom! This feeling of our own integrity, depth, and independant purpose, can have us feeling “rubbed,” by a world or people who may or may not feel “in alignment” with us! This is the creative tension of today!

The MOON SQUARES VENUS at 3:44 am pdt/ 4:44 am mdt/ 5:44 am cdt/ 6:44 am edt)–sending us into a strange VOID until MOON enters Gemini, in the afternoon. In the transitional state “between Signs,” the personal Moon can cause instability in the field that is not great for purchases or tasks. below-19038_1280Its a good meditation and open-portal time!

MOON moves from Fixed Earth (Taurus) to Mutable Air (Gemini)at (1:03 pm pdt/2:03 pm mdt/ 3:03 pm cdt/ 4:03 pm edt). This ends our slippery VOID! Here we have a movement into even more lightness of being!

Once landed, MOON OPPOSES SATURN and SQUARES MARS in a T-Square of Fire, Earth and Air. This dynamic corner of tension is a creative hurdle or team dispute to overcome with our essential intuitive nature. Our own lightness of being will guide us to the next best situation for our integral expression!

MOON OPPOSES SATURN (at 2:43 pm pdt/ 3:53 pm mdt/ 4:53 pm cdt/ 5:54 pm edt) for a middle of the day maturity shift point. Decisions, Revelations and Lightness of Being can have us feeling like we have to “face the world,” and communicate our point of view!

MOON SQUARES MARS (at 8:30 pm pdt/ 9:30 pm mdt/ 10:30 pm cdt/ 11:30 pm edt) is an action point. Late at night, we might have angst, and forging power. Whatever we need to forge, build or act upon, we can do it late tonight–for our own integrity and truth!

MOON TRINE MERCURY (at 10:08 pm pdt/ 11:08 pm mdt/ 12:08 am cdt/ 1:08 am edt) is a magic wand of grace, in our hands, hearts and minds. We “have the power,” to balance, heal and reveal the truth.

Past LIfe Messages and Knowings arise as MERCURY is RETROGRADE! the Sword of truth and other myths surround us. We are souls on a long journey.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Here is the first class in Soulworkers’ Astrology-School!

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I’ll be introducing the school at the end of the course! You’ll be able to ask questions! I look forward to being with you in the ethers of this time!

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September 30, 2015 – Revelations! ~ Ascending into the Light ~ Frequency Upgrade!

The incoming light is so light I was buzzing around like a hummingbird from flower to flower, not able to land at the computer this morning! (today’s bloggy is delayed-apologies and love!) I’m beginning to “write ahead,” so you’ll have these a day early–at least! Thanks for your feedback!

Sun Conjunct Mercury is like a Hummingbird in our Light Filling Brain!

Today: MOON in grounded Taurus of color, sensuality and art, SEXTILES NEPTUNE, TRINES JUPITER and TRINES PLUTO all this morning (by 8:54 am pdt/ 9:54 am mdt/10:54 cdt/ 11:54 edt). The incoming soulful collective shift is tremendous at this time. We are being elevated by cosmic forces larger than our small selves!

We have been through a dark passage of Ecilpse Territory and this is the light on the other side.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY meanwhile INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE ~ is a Revelation, filled with inspiration and new light. The revelations that come today are so bright and so enlightening, that they may even seem “confusing, unclear or unkown,” however they are expansions of spirit in our brains! We are being magnified in spirit! As the light expansion of today takes place–its good to ground this new light energy in any way that is grounding for us!

Communications are exalted and intensified today! This is a powerful day for setting intentions, writing letters, and preparing to launch new endeavors.

The ancients say, no signing contracts or doing “important things,” especially “new beginnings,” during the window of an eclipse, which is “10 days before and three days after” We are now in the 3rd day after–so communications and important things can begin TOMORROW! However it may be best to wait one more day, since the aspects tomorrow have some tension!

MERCURY is still retrograde (until October 10) and so redo’s and re-everything is still up and magical. The past is a treasure trove of resource. Starting things under Mercury is not that dangerous as long as you don’t mind re-starts and re-writes along the way! (sometimes that is a natural part of life anyway)

Head toward the light and allow it to take you higher

. . . . . . . .

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September 29, 2015 – Post Eclipse Shake Off!

bird-shakeWater“Ten days before an eclipse and three days after” (an ancient astrologers knowing and saying), is a window of shake up, break up and wake up! The energies do shake! (they are volatile and changey!) The potency we experience during a nodal conjunction to the SUN and MOON at a FULL MOON ECLIPSE is a powerful force that lasts for days and even months. We have “earthquakes” within and the “death of kings,” where our ego, “the emperor,” is stripped and wearing “no clothes.”

It is a soul destiny aspect that connects us to a deeper heart’s journey in often shocking and extreme ways. Sometimes by taking us to the “shaken up edges,” we develop a clear desire for a smooth center within our soul and body aligned. The shaking, shake’s off uneeded things that free us and open our hearts, and gives us the desire and map to return to center as the shake off wears off.

Sometimes being stripped and wearing “no clothes,” can be removing all baggage, and letting go of all that has been removed, as well as everything else that was weight, on our bodies.

woman-nakedlightNaked and stripped, we can let the penetrating power of new light, bathe us in its grace, vulnerable, and even possibly alone in our own “shake up.” The Aries energy asks for our purity, our soul’s force of nature. What brought us here? It is purifying us of all else in this cycle.

The Eclipse-Shake-Up-MOON TRINE VENUS pre-dawn, in fire signs, ignights alchemical creativity in the middle of the night. Even though we have been shaken or we are vulnerably naked in an area of life, there is a tender caress from mother nature and the fabric of life this morning. Bird calls sound, music is beautiful and food nourishes not only our mouth but our soul with its taste. We are loved by something that is creation itself.

MOON enters Taurus from Eclipsed Aries (at 12:51 pm pdt, 1:51 mdt, 2:51 cdt, 3:51 edt)–this shift will ground us into earth from transforming outrageous big fire.

MOON TRINE MARS this evening in earth is a grounding action energy. (4:51 pm pdt, 5:51 pm mdt, 6:51 pm cdt, 7:51 edt). The cartoon characters of us are “shaking off the shifts,” the shocks, and the shake-ups, to “return” to our everyday form, from our extraordinary mutating depth.

Shake It!

. . . . .

Building Astrology School has become an Eclipse project. It is still reforming. Its easier to shake up and reform a school sometimes than a town or a house. We are lucky to have all that we have after the profound shake up!

Astrology School was also shaken, in its foundations, as I received feedback and changed and changed and changed to meet YOUR needs and feedback.

I’m in the back side building. It is still a mystery unfolding and yet so magical to see a life-long practice and devotion, taking a new form! . . . . as I co-create with spirit and all of you who are present. If I have had some interaction with you, then you are on my list (if you sent your e-mail). If you are not on our school list and would like to be: Click Here! and scroll to bottom of page – leave your e-mail in the form!


September 27, 2015 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

When we are “stripped” to our essence, what is left?

What do we love?

What are we passionate about?

On OUR SPIRITUAL PATH from source to here–what have we learned and what are we going to lead ourselves and humanity INTO for the NEW ERA, we are leading, the tiny baby rise of?

As the old era continues to crumble and we witness the changing of era’s what is our new roll?


Blessings in the peace and kali of the eclipse field.


September 24, 2015 – PLUTO STATIONARY DIRECT in cathartic tension with MERCURY RETROGRADE ~ Angst as Guidance for Changes!

It is a very grungy time–the Pluto stationing is very intensely under our belly-poking-gorilla-625286_1280us-in-our-powerlessness-places. Our POWER shifts late tonight in a very deep PLUTO station. (11:57 pm pdt/ 12:57 am late night mdt/ 1:57 am cdt/ 2:57 am edt)

You can have whatever you want! (says Pluto’s Power) Its a time to feel all the frustration and anger and listen deeply TO IT, resolving to CHANGE the areas that don’t meet what the anger and frustration is calling for. Its a time to deeply listen and agree to change toward the soul callings now. As Pluto moves forward, we go from our “powerlessness” to our power. it is an alchemical shift and it requires us to deeply FEEL the angst and understand where it is coming from–what the beauty underneath is actually saying, on the flip side, that it would like.

We can lay out the picture of “what we don’t have that we want,” and MOVE FORWARD TOWARD JUST THAT.

In our place of deep power, from our depths, with all bubbling up, we can communicate our needs clearly, in the face of angst. Like a Gorilla!

Before the PLUTO STATION, late tonight, we have a whole day full of aspects!
MOON TRINE MERCURY first thing in the morning (9:08 am pdt/ 10:08 am mdt/ 11:08 am cdt/ 12:08 pm edt) invites mercurial (MERCURY RETROGRADE) communications magic, in our sword-like way of knowing what is needed to remedy the imperfect situations we face–via our mouth and mind-genius.

MERCURY–RETROGRADING, meanwhile SQUARES PLUTO–SlOWING, for a communications corner pressure catharsis powerlessness to power moment: this afternoon: (3:27 pm pdt/ 4:27 pm mdt/ 5:27 pm cdt/ 6:27 pm edt).

Our Power – Today – Feel It?

MOON SEXTILE URANUS (7:04 pm pdt/ 8:04 pm mdt/ 9:04 pm cdt/ 10:04 pm edt) is a reminder, that cosmic forces never leave us facing a problem without a solution to find. There is always a solution, even if it requires a miracle–Uranus is filled with endless miracle potential–at our fingertips–only to be focused and directed. Re-member to focus magical intent, in the face of any angst or block or struggle!

May we listen intently to the Grrrrrowls from within!

MARS moves from fire to earth, Leo to Virgo this evening. This is a small shift before a bigger shift related to our power. As we have fire, passion, anger and direct child-guided action, we also have a next level of maturity and manifestation, discipline and focus with our energy. Mars’ shift from Leo to Virgo invites us to take the inspiration, loft, passion and creativity of the fire it has just passed through, now focusing into more earthly clean-up, and earthly follow-through. This is a masculine to feminine shift from inspiration to grounded completion.  Anger focused into right action.

In the grungy emotional volatility–it requires penetrating focus to rise above it, and go higher.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS late tonight (9:02 pm pdt/ 10:02 pm mdt/ 11:02 pm cdt/ 12:02 am edt) is a late night opposition between two female elemental forces. This can be expressed in many ways, and related to the PLUTO shift, MERCURY RETROGRADE and the ECLIPSES, we are clearing past life betrayals of feminine to feminine in whatever form they arise this evening. This opposition can polarize many things into view and catharsis: love, creativity and money all up for peering deeply until catharsis.

Pluto Power Shift – Alchemy

PLUTO DIRECT, shifting directions, from Earth’s perspective this force of our own POWER will STOP and make a 180 degree SHIFT! From RETROGRADE and digging, to DIRECT and traction, we are facing our own powerlessness in this window, to alchemize it, now going FORWARD, we move one inch, step at a time TOWARD OUR AUTHENTIC AND RIGHT FOCUSED POWER.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

May we move in grace in the midst of grunge.

. . . . . . .

Astrology School New Update (New Beginning) again tomorrow in Pluto Direct energy.