September 30, 2015 – Revelations! ~ Ascending into the Light ~ Frequency Upgrade!

The incoming light is so light I was buzzing around like a hummingbird from flower to flower, not able to land at the computer this morning! (today’s bloggy is delayed-apologies and love!) I’m beginning to “write ahead,” so you’ll have these a day early–at least! Thanks for your feedback!

Sun Conjunct Mercury is like a Hummingbird in our Light Filling Brain!

Today: MOON in grounded Taurus of color, sensuality and art, SEXTILES NEPTUNE, TRINES JUPITER and TRINES PLUTO all this morning (by 8:54 am pdt/ 9:54 am mdt/10:54 cdt/ 11:54 edt). The incoming soulful collective shift is tremendous at this time. We are being elevated by cosmic forces larger than our small selves!

We have been through a dark passage of Ecilpse Territory and this is the light on the other side.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY meanwhile INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE ~ is a Revelation, filled with inspiration and new light. The revelations that come today are so bright and so enlightening, that they may even seem “confusing, unclear or unkown,” however they are expansions of spirit in our brains! We are being magnified in spirit! As the light expansion of today takes place–its good to ground this new light energy in any way that is grounding for us!

Communications are exalted and intensified today! This is a powerful day for setting intentions, writing letters, and preparing to launch new endeavors.

The ancients say, no signing contracts or doing “important things,” especially “new beginnings,” during the window of an eclipse, which is “10 days before and three days after” We are now in the 3rd day after–so communications and important things can begin TOMORROW! However it may be best to wait one more day, since the aspects tomorrow have some tension!

MERCURY is still retrograde (until October 10) and so redo’s and re-everything is still up and magical. The past is a treasure trove of resource. Starting things under Mercury is not that dangerous as long as you don’t mind re-starts and re-writes along the way! (sometimes that is a natural part of life anyway)

Head toward the light and allow it to take you higher

. . . . . . . .

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