September 23, 2015 – Fall Equinox in the Eclipse Field ~ Balancing the Whole World ~ Pluto Slowing Down

ruby-beach-659110_1280Fall Equinox is one of the Four Sacred Points that marks the Summer Seasonal Shifting on Earth. To the Sun, this is a sacred holy point of shifting seasons, from summer, to fall. Fall, as some would say can be the “season of colors.” Fall Equinox is often the most peaceful harmonious time of year, when it just might feel like “all of life is in balance,” and all is well.

However THIS FALL EQUINOX is different, it falls in between TWO ECLIPSES, and we are still building toward the volatile FULL MOON ECLIPSE window of death/rebirth and power shifting.

The power of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shakes up foundations and ego’s and sends pendulum’s swinging to the extreme. The paradox is–FALL EQUINOX is all about a delicate nurturing balance achieved.

The exact time of the Fall Equinox is pre-dawn (in the middle of the night) The point at which Sun crosses 0 degrees of Libra: [1:20 am pdt/ 2:20 am mdt/ 3:20 am cdt/ 4:20 am edt]

MOON enters Aquarius [at 10:51 am pdt/ 11:51 am mdt/ 12:51 pm cdt/ 1:51 pm edt] inviting all the shake-ups to create deeper community intimacy and an ongoing shake-up toward community systems that are in sync with the “new world that is emerging,” emulating the authentic wisdom of the true “dawning,” of Aquarius. This Equinox and this Eclipse field invites us to connect more deeply with our community in the places where it really matters.

SUN TRINE MOON, in magical etherial air signs are psychic and joyful interconnection between masculine and feminine in air! We can spin and twirl and fly! [11:34 am pdt/ 12:34 pm mdt/ 1:34 pm cdt/ 2:34 pm edt]

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at the same moment of the TRINE to the SUN–this is an exceptionally grounding aspect to our home-made projects.

Friends are there when we are walking through the portal ~ May we all walk through the “portal of change,” together. (as if we are all holding hands!)

SUN SEXTILE SATURN right in the same morning window is part of this syncronistic configuration involving deep groundedness with the divine mother earth plan, and our own harmonious partnering with those community members around us who are in resonance. Its time to activate. Anyone not in chaos and shake-up is called to activate and wake up!

PLUTO is slowing down to station close to midnight pdt tomorrow night. We might feel this PLUTO slowing as we surf her wave. Her deep penetrating densely powerful force.

In this time of Fall Equinox, Full Moon Eclipse Shift Portal, New 18 Month Venus Cycle of Feminine Rising, PLUTO going direct tomorrow night ~ we are in a “hot” time of cathartic forces to surf at our listening and death/rebirth pleasure!

As we release ourselves into Pluto’s stationary shift, we can drop deeply into our place of power. We are touching our deepest most powerful selves in a shift from a retrograde season of review and “digging,” stuff in the way, out, to a cycle of moving forward from a point of power. This power is gained by doing the deepest work of all. The kind that is at the very bottom of our power issues. (whatever they are). / They have been clearing. Its time to be renewed and freed, clear and forward with our power.

May we be blessed and full of blessings as we move into the new-river-gorge-bridge-871395_1280power portal of the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on Sunday September 27th. This is a potent time of Prayer, Release, Surrender to the Divine, and Care for whatever we love most in life.

May we honor the sacredness of these powerful times. Only once in the whole universe–does this quality in human time exist.

May we deeply honor these sacred days of change.

Fall Equinox Blessings ~ May you “know your water,” feed your garden and make way for a sacred community. May the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius begin to show its triplet wings.


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HAPPY FALL EQUINOX to ALL BEINGS! May all balance be achieved in time.