September 22, 2015 – Slowing Down for Another Power Shift – Fall Equinox Tomorrow!

road-SLOWDOWNMOON is in Capricorn, CONJUNCT PLUTO this morning (5:04 am pdt/ 6:04 am mdt/ 7:04 am cdt/ 8:04 am edt). This is a powerful shift point, catharsis, rebirth, honoring the losses and deaths we’ve endured. Today is a day to start to slow down, as we head into thicker and thicker PLUTO energy with

PLUTO slowing down to be STATIONARY DIRECT on September 25th, so today the big planet of POWER is already SLOWING DOWN!  This is a very profound time of shifting under our feet!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY 7:56 am pdt/ 8:56 am mdt 9:56 am cdt/ 10:56 am edt is a corner of communications–between Cardinal earth and Cardinal Air (Mercury in Libra). This is a good time for a purification and mental clearing meditation this morning!

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 4:13 pm pdt/ 5:13 pm mdt/ 6:13 pm edt, is another corner, even more radical. two people in waterThe times are shifty and changy today! Even miracles are possible! (ANYTHING is possible!)

VENUS TRINE URANUS (at 8:59 pm pdt/ 9:59 pm mdt/ 9:59 pm cdt/ 10:59 am edt) is an important point on VENUS’ journey rising. Today, her TRINE with URANUS marks a day of pure magical intent, manifesting into the future like seeds on the wind! May we intention and vision with all our heart-soul’s!

Fall Equinox is later tonight/early tomorrow (at 1:21 am pdt)

May we realize the power of the slowing down time, and ALLOW OURSELVES TO SLOW DOWN over the next few days!

. . . . . . . . .

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