September 21, 2015 – Action, Midpoint Between Eclipses – Now Rising Toward FULL MOON ECLIPSE SHAKE & SHIFT PORTAL!!

MOON TRINE MARS (1:12 am pdt) pre-dawn, gives middle ofblood-moon-MAnyMoons the night action, and potentially early morning energy as well. (possibly a night of little sleep) as mars can :keep us awake!

MOON SQUARE SUN (1:59 am pdt/ 2:59 am mdt/ 3:59 am cdt/ 4:59 am edt)–is the MIDPOINT BETWEEN THE TWO ECLIPSES.

These are times of great change. Time can feel slippery, and especially with the added layer of MERCURY RETROGRADE, the slip-factor is extra strong, so double checking in almost every area is always a good idea. Slowing down, saying no, when needed, canceling and changing plans where needed, and TrUSTING YOUR INTUITION over logic, nomatter what. If you FEEL to cancel something–DO that. Be Kali–cut it–if it doesn’t feel right to you.

THe blood-moon-488029_1280NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE on September 12, 2015, the beginning of a drastic CHANGE FIELD–Extremely Unstable and volatile energy.

the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE– Peak and Fruition of the CHANGE and SHIFTING ~ blood-moon-MAnyMoonson September 27, 2015.

(Today is the midpoint) Between today and September 27th, we are rising into even more dramatic and shifting energy! The purpose, light and fruition of the deep change occurring in the eclipse field (life and death) for all of us!

MOON enters Capricorn (where PLUTO sits) this morning (5:33 am pdt/ 6:33 am mdt/ 7:33 am cdt/ 8:33 edt)–a more serious place–down to business!

Grounded Earthly MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE, THE RIVER this evening for some delightful feelings of harmony between self and SPiritual Forces. (7:51 pm pdt/ 8:51 pm mdt/ 9:51 pm cdt/ 10:51 pm edt)

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON is a deep healing aspect for the feminine within us–even if it comes sideways. Tears are healing, (whre needed)–like a river, they bring revelation later. (9:56 pm pdt/ 10:56 pm mdt/ 11:56 pm cdt/ 12:56 am edt)

MOON TRINE JUPITER late tonight (9:57 pm pdt/ 10:57 mdt/ 11:57 cdt/ 12:57 edt) is a late night expansion of grace on top of a potentially crazy day.

Re-Member: (MERCURY is STILL RETROGRADE!) Handle with Humor!

P.s. The FALL EQUINOX is September 23rd, (1:20 am pdt)

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