September 19, 2015 – Cosmic Stretch!

  MOON in Saturn’s New Sign Location, Sagittarius, sometimes has the effect of meditation-338446_1280“all the karma and last lessons from the previous sign,” dumping all at once in the few days of transition! (so if you are experiencing a lot of emotion or strange stories unraveling that feel like they are not you)–they are not–they are the final bits of the Saturn’s journey through Scorpio, releasing, in the change-over so we can now work with more joy and less shadow burdens. The false shadows are releasing (in the Saturn transition and the eclipse field)

Since we are still between eclipses, heading for a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on September 27th (more to come on this)–we are still in the most volatile kind of time we have here on earth! We can be so grateful for every bit of stability we have! Eclipses tend to send people and situations into their extremes, and there tend to be huge transitions during this time! And, as always “in the eclipse field”–handle with care–this time–with super awareness and presence in the now! (that is when important communications take place–in the now)!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE (11:52 am pdt/ 12:52 pm mdt/ 1:52 pm cdt/ 2:52 pm edt) pelican-916327_1280this morning is a cosmic message or divine stretch. In this square–we  may feel tired or overwhelmed–this is a super emotional square. We journey on a spiritual path of deep emotion. From places of deep feeling, our most potent spiritual prayers and reaches for divinity can be felt! May we stretch up, to all of the support we have, in “heaven,” from our deep feeling places! This is a cosmic stretch!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER (at 1:03 pm pdt/ 2:03 pm mdt/ 3:03 pm cdt/ 4:03 pm edt) is another message to “stretch!” volunteers-628735_1280When we stretch into our own greatness and open to an unknown, to find riches of heart and soul, we are always rewarded. These stretches can feel scarry–when we’d rather stay comfortable, or secure. In an eclipse field, with the divine so watching, its good to stretch into our goodness, our kindness and our “generosity of spirit!”

Tomorrow–Sunday–is a lighter day! We are being lifted by cosmic light–gifted by tomorrow–after the deeper soulwork of yesterday and today.

May the deeper feeling work of yesterday and today stretch the way for joy and co-gifting!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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