September 18, 2015 – Layers of Support where It Matters–Even If We Have To Work For IT!

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Mercury went RETROGRADE yesterday – today SATURN is in a new element. – Fire. We have gone from deep watery soul work, to now fiery creation work. (with our Saturnian self)

SATURN is in the midst of crossing over from the deep Scorpio work we’ve been doing for the last few years–to lighter work of co-creation with the whole world.

This work has been in our roots, under our feet, in the foundation places of our psyche and life. Now that SATURN crosses into Sagittarius, we might be handed special shockingly beautiful wings of our own kind, however daunting they may be, they are beautiful and may require some work on our part, to get used to!

Our work can be “lighter,” with Saturn in Sagittarius, than it was with Saturn in Scorpio, and whatever work we may have done with SATURN in Scorpio, can now pay off with gifts we share with the whole world, given to us by worldly people, from places we are connected with, and feeling the “layers of support,” of our soul brothers and sisters around the world.

We are still between eclipses–may we support each other!

We are one human family and even further, we are a galactic family of light and life. Our star-being parts can connect to the planetary energies–including this strange uncanny astrological map of time and give us a light on the path ahead.

Although there are still a lot of “shocking unknown messages to come,” we can rest in the rock solid foundation under our feet after two years of deep, perhaps even scarry, “shadow work of our own kind!”  Woo Hoo! Another layer of shadow work in our area of “life’s work,” and career, money and how we make it and structure it in our lives. We are ending a period of deep deep deep . . . . . our own journey deep, now into a lighter, more creative and gifted, gifting place.

MOON SEXTILE SUN (at 11:46 am pdt/ 12:46 pm mdt/1:46 pm cdt/ 2:46 pm edt) is like a “dances of universal peace,” between the dark side and the light side, masculine and feminine, solid and fluid, unknown and known. wings and feet. We are opposites and we dance. We shine and receive and reflect light back and forth like little satellites.

MOON SQUARES MARS and enters a strange working void. This work-void is for our highest unique unfoldment. May we receive the sacred humorous grace that is for our highest good, but may not look like it at first–because all things are not always what they appear to be! May we work for a higher purpose today, even in the VOID! (today can also be a resting day, where we work via meditation, cleansing or healing)–it is a day of cosmic work that touches us personally.

MOON is VOID in the middle of the day for a spell until the evening. It goes into the VOID from Scorpio to Sagittarius, mimicking the motion SATURN just made, in a close-to-home-feeling way–today. Today we can feel Saturn’s shift from Scorpio to Sag, with the Moon–a limb we have on some extra-sensory level, sensing the shift before us–feeeeeeeling our way to the next place of evolutionary growth. (from water to fire lessons).

sunset-cave mysticalMOON VOID is a SHIFT VOID between water and fire, from shadow clearing to manifesting light–in our work.
VOID TIME: Pacific: (12:49 pm – 8:42 pm)
Mountain:(1:49 pm – 9:42 pm)
Central: (2:49 pm – 10:42 pm)
Eastern: ( 3:49 pm – 11:42 pm)

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN (at 8:40 pm pdt/ 9:40 pm mdt/ 10:40 pm cdt/ 11:40 pm edt) is a grounding moment both from today’s small strange work VOID, and for the entire SATURN shift, from Scorpio to Sagittarius!

I imagine each of you reading this will have SOMETHING in your life that can share with you the shift from the denser deeper soulwork and shadow clearing work you just finished, to the lighter more creative work of Saturn you embark upon now. May the shift be light in your own way. May we all celebrate the new kind of winged work we share today!

. .  . . . . . . . . . .  . .

Astrology School is being built right now–even in the work VOID of today. it was already “built and destroyed,” a few times, so we continue to build over again in the new shell.

If you would like to be added to our Astrology-School list for soul-workers, we are accepting ALL BEINGs. Please click here and add your e-mail address to the form (at the bottom-scrolldown-of page) and hit send!