September 14, 2015 – Ten Days to “Write the New World into being!”

hieroglyphs-Writing0In the Cauldron of Soul-ful Catharsis and deep change between two eclipses, we are offered an opportunity to “rewrite the world,” in the next 10 days. In the Kabbalistic Jewish tradition yesterday’s New Moon Eclipse; opened 10 days of “writing the new year into being!” It is time to vision! This is one of the most potent “cauldrons of creative power,” we will see in the near future! It is a potent creative time! (via our meditation, deep heart longings felt and our clear spiritual visions!)

From the ashes and bottom of our transformation, road-burningwe head toward a tension SQUARE with deeply cathartic and emotional PLUTO later this evening. (10:10 pm pdt/ 11:10 pm mdt/ 12:10 am cdt/ 1:10 am edt)

The eclipse path is one of a refiners fire. There is no way around the burning on our alchemical path of change! May we embrace the refiners fires that burn within us now!

And amidst all the catharsis and radical shifting, earthly eruptive changes, may we not forget our responsibility to “write the new year into being!”

angel-wfeatherPen. . . . .

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