September 10, 2015 – Blessed Day in the Catalyzing Eclipse Field

fantasy-girls swordmontstmichelMOON is visible with VENUS in the early pre-dawn sky. If you see their innocent early rising beauty, you might feel the power that is birthing within us now. MOON in Leo, joins VENUS today in her resurrection. (3:24 am pdt/ 4:24 am mdt/ 5:25 am cdt/ 6:24 am edt)

It is the season for women to come together in a new light hands-Friendshipand new truth. The new venus cycle is touched by the MOON today, initiating friendships into seeds of feminine wisdom emerging into this world with a force of goodness. Allied together, the feminine will bring the lies of the world to rest. She will lift her earthen children, as mother, into right relationship with the creator, her most intimate guide from within.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY in the middle of the night, (12:38 am pdt/ 1:38 am mdt/ 2:38 am cdt/ 3:38 am edt) brought messages in our dreams. We have intuition as we arise this morning. In this communications magic, we can face difficult communications and messages, (eclipse-like in nature)–losses that are shocking, and purifications that ask us to let go of old habits we were comfortable with on some level.

The eclipse invites truths, nomatter how shocking they might be to another, truth calls us to speak it. The sword must fall. The truth must be spoken. In this lighter day of supportive grace, we can speak the more difficult truths and notice they are supported by grace.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 7:45 am pdt/8:45 am mdt/ 9:45 am cdt/ 10:45 am edt is an expansion of grace, good luck, abundance and all the good stuff. Since the MOON is about to participate in a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE–and that is an alchemical Kali-Death energy, the magic and grace is offered by Kali herself.  Ultimate truth is cutting the cords that were keeping us from our own rich abundance. As we shed “what is in the way,” to our authentic and natural flow of life, we grow into its rich fullness, overflowingly funded, not just with life, but with money (currency for our world) too.

woman-159279_1280May we be honored to have so much “removed from us,” so that our hearts can see the “deeper truth,” honoring the life we have as tender, and precious each day. Eclipses remind us, we might lose this life any moment. Death is always near, and if we are not paying attention, (to something that matters) we may fall even closer to death, than we realized due to our thoughts, our patterns, our lack of attention to poisons and dis-balancing forces in our environment. What, in our world around us, is asking to be removed? Dirt, mess, angst, what is calling to be swept away by the Eclipse Reaper?

MOON TRINE URANUS (1:20 pm pdt/ 2:20 pm mdt/ 3:20 pm cdt/ 4:20 pm edt) along with MOON CONJUNCT MARS at 3:59 pm pdt/ 4:59 pm mdt/ 5:59 cdt/ 6:59 pm edt) – emphasizes our sharp sword today!

Our deeper attention and presence is called for during times of volatile Eclipse nature. Handle with care. It is Kali Time, so be Kali. (do not get under her sword, you must hold her sword in your hand).