September 5, 2015 – Last Quarter Square, Lunar Transition, Preparation for the Boomerang of Love!

In the shift of Venus cycle, we have cleared shadow regarding money and love for 18 months.

MOON SQUARE SUN (at 2:54 am pdt/ 3:54 am mdt/ 4:54 am cdt/ 5:45 pm edt) is a corner shift. We are shifting from the light side of the lunar cycle, (the two quarters that surround the full moon) to the dark side, with the MOON waning, losing light and lowering our energy each day as we unwind this cycle, down, down to the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE RADICAL SHIFT POINT.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS (at 6:15 am pdt/ 7:15 am mdt/ 8:15 am cdt/ 9:15 am edt) is a communion between the mother and the Venus girlfriends-338449_1280part that is about to shift, from RETROGRADE to DIRECT, this is a big part of her shifting out of the 40 days in the desert. She is beginning her new cycle as she goes direct, we can imagine we are peeking our way out of a long journey in the underworld. We have been examining and coming to terms with our deepest shadow parts, our inadequacies, are blocks to love and creativity have been “up” to be cleared for 18 months. Now we step into a new Venus pathway, energetically she is brighter, overlighted by Leo and the SUN, she is ready to shine, and express the inner creative fire that needed the way cleared before its pure-hearted expression was real.

Now we can step into the power of our own expressive path, for real, having “cleared the way,” and faced our real shadows.

Congratulations! You’ve traversed your underworld of Love, Money and Currency.

girls-839809_1280TOMORROW VENUS GOES DIRECT (at 1:29 am pdt/ 2:29 am mdt/ 3:29 am cdt/ 4:29 am edt)

MOON SEXTILE MARS (at 12:26 pm pdt/ 1:26 pm mdt/ 2:26 pm cdt/ 3:26 pm edt) is a wonderful aspect for a Saturday as its filled with inspiration and activity of our favorite kind!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS (at 4:04 pm pdt/ 5:04 pm mdt/ 6:04 pm cdt/ 7:04 pm edt) is a home shift to radical freedom and a magical upgrade! We are in charge of our own magical upgrades, however the universe gives us the fabric and energy to allow them to happen, where we create magic is our choice.

SUN TRINE PLUTO (at 4:10 pm pdt/ 5:10 pm mdt/ 6:10 pm cdt/ 7:10 pm edt) is a harmonious link between our power and our expression. This is a creative milestone–today is a day to complete and express our own powerful creations into the world, or to doctor them and prepare them for show and tell!

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Note on Astrology School: I’ve been a little bit confused about structure and payment for Astrology-School! Choices Choices about form and how to share information and how to collaborate best! And what to charge so its fair for everyone!
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so many choices!

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In today’s sun-pluto trine – we will be sharing the school’s itinerary! Stay Tuned! If you are not on our e-mail list,
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