September 1, 2015 – Radical Breakthrough of the Unique Heart

MOON TRINE  the VENUS/MARS union pre-dawn this morning can be a sweet healing of the man-woman heart. cat-33530_1280   We are bi-sexual. Within–we have MARS, the masculine projective, productive force, and VENUS, the receptive, sensitive, responsive, effervescent reflector. Within we have both, and these two forces, romantically, magnetically, and dynamically–make the world go round.


Today we are deeply in touch with the truth of this dance. As human beings we dance masculine and feminine, cat and dog, light and dark, good and bad, we have this diversity to play with to magnetise and repel, show and tell. I am this and you are that–each is unique!

cat-83323_1280At 9:37 am pdt/10:37 am mdt/ 11:37 am cdt/ 12:37 pm edt) MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in revolutionary, new fire light aries, sending the MOON into the VOID for the rest of the day.

This is a “merry-go-round” VOID of masculine / feminine play. Last year when MARS and VENUS came together I received a mother cat with three kittens, and four wolf puppies on the same day–into my care, while staying in vacation rentals at Mt Shasta. I realized as i saw four cats and four dogs, that I was seeing the balancing act of MARS and VENUS, coming together.

Each of us within has four cats and four dogs. They are each unique and each have different needs. They have a social relationship and they have a play. There is a dance. This dance . . . . . . of magnetism and repulsion, . . . moves the world.

May we enjoy the circles, the play, the magnetism and the kitten-316995_1280repulsion, in the game of masculine and feminine. Watching cats play with dogs, can remind us of the nature of our inner male and inner female. Today we can make friends with it, and begin with a whole new perspective, as URANUS in Aries infuses our eyes with enlightened fire-light. We are bathed in fresh consciousness. We can begin again. Walking fresh into the circle of life.

A-Boom! Pop! We are fresh and renewed.

May we honor our inner feminine, may we clean refresh and renew her, caring for her beauty and love.