August 31, 2015 – Re-Union of Opposites

colored eye Today we rise with a fiery MOON in Aries, OPPOSITE MERCURY in Libra at (9:05 am pdt/ 10:05 am mdt/ 11:05 am cdt/ 12:05 pm edt). There is fast-moving mercurial energy afoot and a-mind. This is a bit of a FULL MERCURY morning! Communications Fruition!

SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE later tonight can be a beautiful energy of harvesting our beauty at the right time. (it can be other things like sleepy or overwhelming, however better to go for the fruition of beauty!) The Divine River of life loves us.  We can allow ourselves to be encompassed by the spiritual power of NEPTUNE–in sleep, or meditation, art or dance. This day brings a fluid space of spirit-connection–and the potential for channeling our art into life. (8:38 pm pdt. 9:38 pm mdt/ 10:38 pm cdt/ 11:38 pm edt)

rose-898129_1280We are in Harvest season and the harvesting may be of our “new self.” There is new light, new spiritual energy and a new kind of “river of flow,” under us that we can follow–in “right relationship.” We know what the right movement is even if it appears we are in the “unknown.”  There is a flow, and we can feel its general direction.

VENUS CONJUNCT MARS yin-yang-99824_1280(at 10:04 pm pdt/ 11:04 pm mdt/ 12:04 am cdt/ 1:04 am edt) is a union of opposites. This is a sacred inner marriage of balance between the sexes within us!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO (at 10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 pm cdt/ 1:33 pm edt) is another contact with the Awakening Cauldron where we are all being deathed and reborn. We are still squeezing ourselves through from old era to new.

cat-and-dog-775116_1280May the union of opposites inspire allies and friends who balance the forces of nature all around us!

. . . . . . . . . . .

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August 30, 2015 – FULL MOON with Grounding

tiny-people-695023_1280With a FULL MOON in Pisces, lighting up “all the dirty places,” that need cleaning, (in our psyche’s and in our homes)–there’s a real bliss in cleaning during SUN in Virgo, and especially during the FULL MOON–cleaning can be cathartic! As we clean, memories surface and pass, tight parts of heart and mind unwind and are swept away with the cobwebs. As we wash dishes we wash our consciousness, bathing our resistance and discomfort, into the flow. Watching how easy things release and new fresh clean surfaces appear after dirty ones were there. Our psyche’s are that way too–they get cluttered and must be “cleaned!” This is the season for that kind of cleaning! Inside and outside! Cleaning is in!

We all need this right now. Our consciousness is stale and old compared to what is coming. We need to “wash off!” the old ways!

We are cleaning on a very deep level, this time. We’ve been in such deep places over the last four years–during the PLUTO/URANUS SQUARE COOKER–where we really–went for the depth of ourselves, suffered in whatever karmic and warrior way we were meant to–died and are still being reborn in our own way!

This is a very deep time we’re in–kind of messy and dirty with all of its fragmented wounded pieces lying around. The cleaning we are doing now, is not just cleaning it is re-piecing, re-weaving, cleaning and then more clearing and then releasing and then allowing that tiny new seed to grow. What is it? we don’t know yet.

The light that explodes new life into us and old density out! When JUPITER CONJUNCTED the SUN in Virgo –on August 26th, it was a giant dose of LIGHT and CLEARING OUT in the virgo area. I wrote about “the infusion of light,” on that day. As I watch what has occured in the few days rippling off that light, I see that we have been aided in “lighting up everything that is vibrationally off–where we are going”–needing to clear. We must see where we are vibrationally off from the new creation, so we can clear it, heal it, weave it, and start over, on new fresh untainted ground. A ground that is clean and clear and as well . . . . unknown. A place of More Freedom.

As I feel into this JUPITER SUN CONJUNCTION and what it has done in my own field and maybe yours too, I feel a pure “facing of shadow,” like “tilling the soil,” inside, for a new plant to grow.root-158119_1280 

The new plant has deep roots, and they need a cleared out underworld, and a lot of free space–free of judgements, free of ideas, and free of old patterns. The new plant needs more and more freedom. We have not learned how to live in this new freedom, so we are facing the parts of ourselves that must be cleared and healed in order to rise into a frequency of more freedom and more joy.

Today–the FULL MOON Grounds, in the only aspect: a TRINE With SATURN late tonight (at 11:53 pm pdt/ 12:53 am mdt/ 1:53 am cdt/ 2:53 am edt). As we move toward this FULL MOON TRINE SATURN, (all day): fruition, grounding and the great results of lighting up the bottom of our Virgo, are emerging.

This new light has come in and cleared our place of roots at the deepest place–the bottom of our ground, where the new plant must root and grow. We have done well. We are being cleared out so more freedom can grow in us.

May the grounding and mother-earth support of tonight be nurturing to all the parts roots-508175_1280who were tossed in the “ruckus,” of all the new incoming light, a different frequency perhaps, than the frequency we were operating at before! A lot must go, to rise into the new light, now bathing and infusing every cell of consciousness. we are being cleared now. We are rising. May we lift and clear everything and everyone around us, into the new rising light.

May you be grounded and lifted at the same time. May the earth dance you with the physical gifts of Saturn.

May we be grateful for all that we embody.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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August 29, 2015 – Happy Full Moon of Inner Imaginative Fire!

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!!! Aoooooooooooooooo!

“The wonder of imagination is this: It has the power to light its own fire.”                          –John L. Mason

MOON SQUARE SATURN in the middle of the night, has us overcoming limitations that are illusions, yet seem like grave limitations.

dragonflies-FullMoonMOON enters Pisces, the sign of the FULL MOON (at 1:51 am pdt/ 2:51 am mdt/ 3:51 am cdt/ 4:51 am edt)–by morning we are in peak rising FULL MOON light, in the imagination-rich sign of Pisces.

MARS INCONJUNCT PLUTO (3:26 am pdt/ 4:26 am mdt/ 5:26 am cdt/ 6:26 am edt) is a powerful-yet potentially uncomfortable–shift of power–also in the dream-time.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER (8:08 am pdt/ 9:08 am mdt/ 10:08 am cdt/ 11:08 am edt) is almost as big as the FULL MOON only FULL JUPITER–a place of expansion, and dreams being fulfilled. Imagination and its intuitive counterparts are key to fulfillment in this full moon light. We are here to dream, draw, create and pretend we are dragons and queens, birds, bees and romantic scenes.

FULL MOON is (at 11:38 am pdt/ 12:38 pm mdt/ 1:38 pm cdt/ 2:38 pm edt) in the water sign of Pisces. Pisces is a place of deep feeling and deep sensitivity, spiritual depth, and inventive wisdom.  Our landscape’s within are lit up with a sensitivity and imagination that transcends the normal limitations we face in our 3-D reality.

Full Moon - sweet eery joseph-wright-81532_1280 MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at (3:20 pm pdt/ 4:20 pm mdt/ 5:20 pm cdt/ 6:20 pm edt) is a micro-cosmic to macro-cosmic spiritual connection. We are connected to the psychic waters of life in this full moon light. It is a powerful event for our interconnectedness with the fabric of life, as it connects to our imaginary inner world. The two are not as separate as we might think!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO late night (10:46 pm pdt/ 11:46 pm mdt/ 12:46 am cdt/ 1:46 am edt)–offers another divine and powerful contact. From a vast watery place we contact a powerful place of earth and grounding. This is a healing place of renewal for body and emotions.

This is a potent FULL MOON of psychic preparation for the eclipse field to come.  This time is an ocean of power, with psychic impressions that guide us into this next extremely volatile and change-able time of life and death–eclipses!

The next NEW MOON, in two weeks, on September 13, is a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE!

In four days, we enter the tight shake-up time of the eclipse field. May we allow this highly spiritual and imaginative FULL MOON to light our way through the potential Eclipse-Shadow-Lands-to-come!

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August 28, 2015 – Weird Wonderful Uranian Magic

Moon still in Uranus’ sign of Aquarius, is offering a flavor of Aquarian, Uranian intelligence, invention and color. fun-649463_1280MOON SEXTILE URANUS (9:56 am pdt/ 10:56 am mdt/ 11:56 am cdt/ 12:56 pm edt) is the only aspect of today. It adds humor and even more invention and weird fun into the day!

May we enjoy our weird selves today!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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August 27, 2015 – Community-Based Revolution

MOON is in Aquarius this morning, earth-pinkcoloredpeoplefrom Capricorn. Community consciousness is the solution for the next few days.

MERCURY enters the sign of Libra today, from Virgo. Mercury in Libra is a little “lighter,” than the Virgo version. Our thoughts can “lighten up,” a little bit–much needed for the death/rebirth eclipse field coming!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS this evening (9:24 pm pdt/ 10:24 pm mdt/ 11:24 pm cdt/ 12:24 am edt) – Aquarius to Leo–is an active place of community empowerment. It is charged, alive and good for dancing and action–not so good for talking.

with the rising lunar energy and the opposition with Mars. The best thing we can do is stay in “right and clarifying, clearing action” all day.

coast-loveleaf-sacredmarriage631925_1280There is a MARS-VENUS CONJUNCTION COMING–on the last day of August. This is a renewed “sacred marriage,” between masculine and feminine, and yet today and tomorrow there are some “polarizations,” between (Mars and the Moon) and (Venus and the Moon). There is tension in the air –we are charged and life is charged. On the way to the Sacred Marriage–there is fiery purifying work before us. (in the full moon rising light).

In the New Venus cycle, we are genuinely rising some very new creative energy and co-creative community projects. These are the most productive areas of focus. MOON in Aquarius creates a receptive “garden atmosphere,” for co-creation in the next few days!

Relationship areas that are not focused on “building the new world,” may be challenging at this time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Blessings and May the light-heartedness of hummingbirds
fly in your heart.