August 31, 2015 – Re-Union of Opposites

colored eye Today we rise with a fiery MOON in Aries, OPPOSITE MERCURY in Libra at (9:05 am pdt/ 10:05 am mdt/ 11:05 am cdt/ 12:05 pm edt). There is fast-moving mercurial energy afoot and a-mind. This is a bit of a FULL MERCURY morning! Communications Fruition!

SUN OPPOSITE NEPTUNE later tonight can be a beautiful energy of harvesting our beauty at the right time. (it can be other things like sleepy or overwhelming, however better to go for the fruition of beauty!) The Divine River of life loves us.  We can allow ourselves to be encompassed by the spiritual power of NEPTUNE–in sleep, or meditation, art or dance. This day brings a fluid space of spirit-connection–and the potential for channeling our art into life. (8:38 pm pdt. 9:38 pm mdt/ 10:38 pm cdt/ 11:38 pm edt)

rose-898129_1280We are in Harvest season and the harvesting may be of our “new self.” There is new light, new spiritual energy and a new kind of “river of flow,” under us that we can follow–in “right relationship.” We know what the right movement is even if it appears we are in the “unknown.”  There is a flow, and we can feel its general direction.

VENUS CONJUNCT MARS yin-yang-99824_1280(at 10:04 pm pdt/ 11:04 pm mdt/ 12:04 am cdt/ 1:04 am edt) is a union of opposites. This is a sacred inner marriage of balance between the sexes within us!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO (at 10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 pm cdt/ 1:33 pm edt) is another contact with the Awakening Cauldron where we are all being deathed and reborn. We are still squeezing ourselves through from old era to new.

cat-and-dog-775116_1280May the union of opposites inspire allies and friends who balance the forces of nature all around us!

. . . . . . . . . . .

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