August 29, 2015 – Happy Full Moon of Inner Imaginative Fire!

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!!! Aoooooooooooooooo!

“The wonder of imagination is this: It has the power to light its own fire.”                          –John L. Mason

MOON SQUARE SATURN in the middle of the night, has us overcoming limitations that are illusions, yet seem like grave limitations.

dragonflies-FullMoonMOON enters Pisces, the sign of the FULL MOON (at 1:51 am pdt/ 2:51 am mdt/ 3:51 am cdt/ 4:51 am edt)–by morning we are in peak rising FULL MOON light, in the imagination-rich sign of Pisces.

MARS INCONJUNCT PLUTO (3:26 am pdt/ 4:26 am mdt/ 5:26 am cdt/ 6:26 am edt) is a powerful-yet potentially uncomfortable–shift of power–also in the dream-time.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER (8:08 am pdt/ 9:08 am mdt/ 10:08 am cdt/ 11:08 am edt) is almost as big as the FULL MOON only FULL JUPITER–a place of expansion, and dreams being fulfilled. Imagination and its intuitive counterparts are key to fulfillment in this full moon light. We are here to dream, draw, create and pretend we are dragons and queens, birds, bees and romantic scenes.

FULL MOON is (at 11:38 am pdt/ 12:38 pm mdt/ 1:38 pm cdt/ 2:38 pm edt) in the water sign of Pisces. Pisces is a place of deep feeling and deep sensitivity, spiritual depth, and inventive wisdom.  Our landscape’s within are lit up with a sensitivity and imagination that transcends the normal limitations we face in our 3-D reality.

Full Moon - sweet eery joseph-wright-81532_1280 MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at (3:20 pm pdt/ 4:20 pm mdt/ 5:20 pm cdt/ 6:20 pm edt) is a micro-cosmic to macro-cosmic spiritual connection. We are connected to the psychic waters of life in this full moon light. It is a powerful event for our interconnectedness with the fabric of life, as it connects to our imaginary inner world. The two are not as separate as we might think!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO late night (10:46 pm pdt/ 11:46 pm mdt/ 12:46 am cdt/ 1:46 am edt)–offers another divine and powerful contact. From a vast watery place we contact a powerful place of earth and grounding. This is a healing place of renewal for body and emotions.

This is a potent FULL MOON of psychic preparation for the eclipse field to come.  This time is an ocean of power, with psychic impressions that guide us into this next extremely volatile and change-able time of life and death–eclipses!

The next NEW MOON, in two weeks, on September 13, is a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE!

In four days, we enter the tight shake-up time of the eclipse field. May we allow this highly spiritual and imaginative FULL MOON to light our way through the potential Eclipse-Shadow-Lands-to-come!

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