August 27, 2015 – Community-Based Revolution

MOON is in Aquarius this morning, earth-pinkcoloredpeoplefrom Capricorn. Community consciousness is the solution for the next few days.

MERCURY enters the sign of Libra today, from Virgo. Mercury in Libra is a little “lighter,” than the Virgo version. Our thoughts can “lighten up,” a little bit–much needed for the death/rebirth eclipse field coming!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS this evening (9:24 pm pdt/ 10:24 pm mdt/ 11:24 pm cdt/ 12:24 am edt) – Aquarius to Leo–is an active place of community empowerment. It is charged, alive and good for dancing and action–not so good for talking.

with the rising lunar energy and the opposition with Mars. The best thing we can do is stay in “right and clarifying, clearing action” all day.

coast-loveleaf-sacredmarriage631925_1280There is a MARS-VENUS CONJUNCTION COMING–on the last day of August. This is a renewed “sacred marriage,” between masculine and feminine, and yet today and tomorrow there are some “polarizations,” between (Mars and the Moon) and (Venus and the Moon). There is tension in the air –we are charged and life is charged. On the way to the Sacred Marriage–there is fiery purifying work before us. (in the full moon rising light).

In the New Venus cycle, we are genuinely rising some very new creative energy and co-creative community projects. These are the most productive areas of focus. MOON in Aquarius creates a receptive “garden atmosphere,” for co-creation in the next few days!

Relationship areas that are not focused on “building the new world,” may be challenging at this time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Blessings and May the light-heartedness of hummingbirds
fly in your heart.