August 26, 2015 – The Healer in You Meets the Healer in Me

I see you!

MOON–still in Saturn’s sign, conjuncted PLUTO last night, and now SQUARES URANUS this morning, for contact once again with the “birth canal/awakening cauldron,” between the old era and the new era.

MOON SQUARE URANUS (8:26 am pdt/ 9:26 am mdt/ 10:26 am cdt/ 11:26 am edt)–for morning breakthrough of whatever needs “broken through,” –Uranus is ready to strike through.

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN at (9:07 am pdt/ 10:07 am mdt/ 11:07 am cdt/ 12:07 pm edt) is a nice supportive grounding communications energy for work and repairing the net. We can fix holes in our communications and transportation systems.

spirituality-303281_1280SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER in Virgo (at 3:02 pm pdt/ 4:02 pm mdt/ 5:02 pm cdt/ 6:02 pm edt) is a powerful expansion of light in our Virgo place.

Virgo is connected with the planetoid Chiron, “the wounded healer,” as well as with Mercury, “planet of thoughts, mind and communication.” Virgo is the “healers sign,” of the zodiac. When in its right relationship, it is an extremely healing influence. With its connection to Mercury and the mind, our mind-body connection lives here.  Our thoughts, our beliefs, what we “tell ourselves,” what we think, and what we “tell others,” all lives here. We appear–in this area–to have the power to “heal ourselves,” and “heal each other.” (or to wound ourselves or wound each other).

Misused, virgo is over-critical, and un-accepting of flaws or mistakes–which we are all filled with. In “seeing” imbalances in the area of Virgo, we “see” to heal. We see “imbalances,” in order to balance them. (not to point them out, but to balance them out)

JUPITER is our ally, lit up with the light of the Sun–its a powerful day for healing of mind and body.

JUPITER CONJUNCT THE SUN in Virgo shines an incredible power and light into this area of thinking and healing.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN (at 11:02 pm pdt/ 12:02 am mdt/ 1:02 am cdt/ 2:02 am edt). Personal to Earthly contact–we are like lightning rods connected to earth. May we kiss the earth goodnight tonight as she loves us.

. . . . . . . . .

May the healer in me meet the healer in you, and may a cup of tea be a miracle in hand. May the new incoming light and expansion be grand.