August 25, 2015 – Harmony, Abundance and a River of Power

Moon in Capricorn is one of the most grounding places waterfall-768537_1280we travel in our sphere of mythical shifting through cycles of new to full to unwinding to completion and again. Along the way, there are seasons of our heart and mind.

Today’s MOON in earthy Capricorn is TRINE SUN in Virgo, (pre-dawn)–for really great practical harmony.

MOON TRINE JUPITER (also in early Virgo)–also pre-dawn–(at 2:44 am pdt/ 3:44 am mdt/ 4:44 am cdt/ 5:44 am edt) is an abundance supportive aspect. We can expand our abundance support system. The earth is under us, and we are receiving graces in our ability to be financially fluid. In earth-based signs these graces are structural and foundational. Even in a rocky pathway, water flows smoothly.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE (12:32 pm pdt/ 1:32 pm mdt/ 2:32 pm cdt/ 3:32 pm edt) waterfall-mountainIs a reminder that both the goat and the angel in Temperance have one foot on land and one foot in water. Being “fluid,” and in touch with the forces of water, we are carried through life in the grace of “flow.”  Like a River.

Later tonight, MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO torrent-87_1280(8:33 pm pdt/ 9:33 pm mdt/ 10:33 pm cdt/ 11:33 pm edt)–Pluto is a River of Power. As we harness our own power, not leaking any as a victim, but being “personally responsible,” for all things that flow into our life–we are then harnessing this river of power in consciousness and choice. Pluto is a River of power–may we know and and ride it with grace.

Tomorrow SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER (at 3:02 pm pdt), with a Solar Perihelion (at 5pm pdt)–this is one of the most magical abundant, “ask and you shall receive,” aspects of the year!

May we be grateful for the grace and creatorship in the River of Power, today and tomorrow. May we harness, ride and surf with all of our self in the drivers raft, floating with the flow.

May we harness our own power well and grow.

. . . . . . . . .

Azlan White, the author of Star Weather Whale, was “taken in,” by a group of “star beings,” for one whole summer in 1996: where they taught her “a whole new way of seeing astrology,” and the world. This incredible mystical story and perspective, changing the way we see the cycles–will be shared in the upcoming Astrology School!  To stay in the loop–if you are not already on our e-mail list–please click here (scroll to bottom of page and fill out e-mail address in form!)–we’ll keep you posted on all of our school updates.