August 24, 2015 – Venus Risen Morning Star, still Retrograding Out of Desert

sun-venusVENUS is a Morning Star Now. She has risen from the underworld, although still walking her 40 days, into and back out of, “the desert.”  

MOON TRINE URANUS pre-dawn godmother-23815_1280(3:35 am pdt/ 4:35 am mdt/ 5:35 am cdt/ 6:35 am edt) makes a “magic wand morning!” We have Uranian “Fire” in our personal hands. “What is Uranian Fire?” you may ask, it is like a blue electric light energy that has the power to miracalize your thoughts. It can take our wishes and “make them manifest” in light speed. This blue light is like a genie without any witholds or “bad magic later,” its pure unconditionally loving creative life-force magic!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY this afternoon at (3:04 pm pdt/ 4:04 pm mdt/ 5:04 pm cdt/ 6:04 pm edt) sends the MOON into the VOID, on a tension note. Communications are edgy at this time, so this corner tension, may be an edgy communications moment. It is a corner to cross. We have the power–with our communications–to remediate–and attend to any situation.

MOON enters Capricorn (9:22 pm pdt/ 10:22 pm mdt/ 11:22 pm cdt/ 12:22 am edt)–(departing the slippery strange VOID between fiery Sagittarius and earthly Cap). As our personal MOON leaves the VOID, it will ground, into the sign where PLUTO is currently transitting–for a few days.

Pluto is causing the destruction of old systems and the building of new systems–with a force. Grounding is for the new systems. Destruction is happening to old ways and systems, so depending what percentage you have in old or new systems–it will be reflective of whether you may experience the destructive side or the “new growth” side!! Choose well!

Late tonight–there is traction again after the feelings of “slippery,” possible during a MOON VOID.

Tomorrow is a magical day for New Creation. There is support, good luck and harmony between Sun and Moon. (male and female).

woman-with LIghtHeadandfaeryheart

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