August 23, 2015 (Sun into Virgo!) – Smoothing and Cleaning ~ On the Way to a New Harmony!

SUN enters Virgo, pre-dawn this morning (3:37 am pdt/ 4:37 pm, mdt/ 5:37 pm cdt/ 5:37 pm edt). This is the cleaning season, and our reminder that EQUINOX IS COMING SOON! (in one month!) September 23rd. The sacred crossing in the sun’s seasonal path of change! We’ll be stepping down to a quieter time, as we head toward the bottom point of our solar creative year–the outbreath–Winter Equinox! brush-15931_1280

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE (at 6:08 am pdt/ 7:08 am mdt/ 8:08 am cdt/9:08 am edt)–aw that Great Unknown is not always so “cooperative with the small mind.” This is a small mind to big mind harmonizer! This is a great aspect for little and big cleaning! Its a spiritual, emotional and physical cleaning parade! Whoosh!

cherries-in-a-bowl-773021_1280MOON TRINE MARS (7:37 am pdt/ 8:37 am mdt/ 9:37 am cdt/ 10:37 am edt) is a magic conversation between the Great Mother and the Masculine Self. Mother is saying, “Now come here son . . . . . . .” there is a Great Harmony coming. . . . . . . . . “What is this you ask?” . . . . . “this will be an unprecedented coming of love’s presence.” It will bring peace.

VENUS and MARS will CONJUNCT on SEPT 1 at 1:04 am pdt. This will be a sacred harmony and joining between the archetypal male and female. ~

MOON TRINE VENUS late tonight,  (11:09 pm pdt/ 12:09 am mdt/ 1:09 am cdt/ 2:09 am edt) . . . in dreamtime . . . the Great Mother, has left the side of her son and gone to her daughter. “My daughter, Venus,” . . . .A Great Harmony is coming. The masculine and feminine will have a union of peace. It is coming. This is your time to prepare. . . . . . “my sweet daughter,” may you clear the way and even clean your clothes, preparing for the gifts and changes coming!

“Pssssst, Moon whispers in the ears of both Mars and Venus on this day, . . . . you will come together in 8 days, in the crossing from August to September, a sacred marriage between inner the cosmic inner male, and the cosmic inner female!”  MARS and VENUS will join together and be CONJUNCT on Sept. 1, at 1:04 am pdt.


May the source of inner peace be with you
as we prepare for moments of magic
Unusual harmony is coming.