August 22 (sat) ~ First Quarter Rising Moon ~ Solar shift Leo to Virgo

church-window-515229_1280MARS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE pre-dawn, is an awkward aspect of shifting tides, and the need to play hop-scotch, hopping over things that might feel “in the way,” and continuing on . . . with the river, of Neptune’s Divine Plan.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN ~ (11:02 am pdt/ 12:02 pm mdt/ 1:02 pm cdt/ 2:02 pm edt)–at the very clean-up-end of Scorpio!  This is a productive completion and “sacred marriage” aspect between a soft sensitive feminine experience, and a hard solid foundation.

SUN SQUARE MOON (12:31 pm pdt/ 1:31 pm mdt/ 2:31 pm cdt/ 3:31 pm edt)  sends the MOON into the VOID! This is a void of transition. We are shifting from the rising lower energy side of the lunar cycle to the most bright, light and full side of the lunar cycle! This is our creative productive week in the lunar cycle! This is harvest season.

Today is the last day of SUN in Leo! May your creativity have one last hooorah! (make a collage, sing a song, play the drums, dance)–always dance–I believe, however its the end of Sun in Leo Hoorah! Yay! sky-721912_1280

Eclipses are coming so early harvest and preparation for winter (and all kinds of things)–is a great idea.

MOON enters Sagittarius (at 1:41 pm pdt/ 2:41 pm mdt/ 3:41 pm cdt/ 3:41 pm edt)

MOON SQUARE JUPITER (at 6:30 pm pdt/ 7:30 pm mdt/ 8:30 pm cdt/ 9:30 pm edt) Sagittarius to Virgo takes us into a growth point in the organic mutable square of life. This is a square of cleanliness versus chaos and dirt. It is a place of expanding boundaries to include and accept all of the life around us. (what “all of the life,” is –may be unique for each one–what is all around you?

May the discomfort of higher-consciousness expansions in the birthing new world be received with tolerance, acceptance and a stretching consciousness. Jupiter says: Stretch!