August 21, 2015 – A Revolution – Deeper than Before – Rewriting the Script of the World

autumn-magicSUn513778_1280MOON is still in Scorpio, SEXTILING PLUTO–for extra deep emphasis. (4:58 am pdt/ 5:58 am mdt/ 6:58 am cdt/ 7:58 pm edt) Scorpio power can be penetratingly focused all the way down into a deep place. This deep Moon is a rising moon, waxing (gaining) in light.

MOON SQUARE VENUS (Scorpio to Leo) [at 4:13 pm pdt/ 5:13 pm mdt/ 6:13 pm cdt/ 7:13 pm edt] is a feminine corner of two fixed powers at odds. (Venus is still Retrograding, all the way through September 1st). She is still negotiating her return from the underworld to the light. In our art, in our love, in our life, we have obstacles, disagreements and “corners!” These obstacles are in cycle with gifts and the presence of ease. This is one of those moments of tension, this evening. Money, and its roots and stems in our lives is up for a shift.

SUN is in sunny Leo, radiating heart light. SUN SQUARE SATURN. (at 4:40 pm pdt/ 5:40 pm mdt/ 6:40 pm cdt/ 7:40 pm edt) is a big life-tension point of responsible catharsis, shifting and re-structuring.

The Square between Scorpio and Leo, a 90 degree angle marking the elementally-opposed area’s of our “inner child” and where we “shine;” and the area where we have deep shadow and we “hide.” (we are visiting this today in a few places!)

Scorpio is scorpio-336301_1280related to deep and penetrating cathartic  healing that takes place in the secret dark. Leo is the light that never goes out.

Via several aspects today and tomorrow (when SUN SQUARES MOON to enter the second quarter of the Moon’s 4 phases), we will be exploring this Leo/Scorpio corner and conversation. How do we take the (Scorpio)-shadow content we are aware of, about ourselves, another, or the world, and “light it up” with fixed sunlight(Leo)? How does fixed fire and fixed water relate?

In Scorpio, we have this fixed watery dark place of deep emotion and penetrating power of life and death, ultimately–the place that fears death. Pluto asks, what is it to touch a million lives? If I were God/dess, what would I do? PLUTO is pure power, it is the power to live, die, succeed, fail, scuba-dive or fly high. We have this wild, potentially erratic “free choice!”  (or do we?)

One of the keys to fixed water, fixed emotional-heart-life-death-power, is simply “focus of attention.” With our attention, and our focus, we hold the keys to life and death, and can “change” the world, by choice.

lion-617365_1280In Leo, we have fixed light, that never stops its warm penetrating glow, and essentially is reflective of eternal life. The sun may travel around the world, to shine somewhere else, however it never stops shining, and when supernova comes and it bursts into a million new pieces, that shining continues, somewhere else, as the light never stops, shining, loving raidiating new life and regenerative power. New worlds never stop being born. New worlds are always available to us.

TemperanceIn The card of Temperance (one of the keys in the tree of life mystery)–we are asked, “how does one achieve the seemingly impossible?” How do we mix fire and water? How does lead turn to gold? How do we achieve the seemingly-un-achievable?

The human in the Temperance key, realizes that s/he cannot achieve this work alone, and becomes as humble and reverent as a tiny tiny creature upon the earth, s/he turns toward angelic presence and requests, humbly, clear assistance. When assistance is given it destroys the ego because the help is “out of bounds.” Our ego, in its small world-view, where all the problems live, cannot understand how this “miracle” has occurred, other than to call it “a miracle.” Today–the mystical key of Temperance–the ability to surrender to a higher power, and through divine intervention, overcome obstacles and achieve “true alchemy,” in the face of a mysterious life and death scenario, or tasks that are ours that feel beyond Herculean. It is that time. guardian-angel-674669_1280

How can we balance the heavenly, regenerative “fixed light,” that never dies, is effortlessly bright, intelligent and divine-aligning, with the human power to create anything? . . .

“How do we light up the world together?” Leo says to Scorpio?
“Everyone is dead!” Says Scorpio, “They are all zombie’s headed for death!” . . . .
“How do we regenerate? Where is new life?” says Leo.

diving-RedFishIt is clear this 90 degree angle in consciousness holds part of the world in place. We need both sides to have the whole experience. Every action movie needs a dark side and a light side. And, if we are the writer of all the characters, rewriting is the combined power of both. The story can always be rewritten. It is that time in human history. Its time to research, revision, and rewrite the script.

Ready for the first draft of the new era? we are in it!

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY late tonight, (11:57 pm pdt/12:57 am mdt/ 1:57 am cdt/ 2:57 am edt). Mystery and depth is in alignment with communication tonight. Powerful communications are at our fingertips. Communications in the first draft of the new era!

May we all re-member that we do have the power to “rewrite the script,” of our world. May we use this power with wisdom and the mind that has already exploded outside of the box!


. . . . .

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