August 20, 2015 – Penetrating Healing Power and Action

grevillea-881534_1280MOON enters the deepest water sign of the zodiac, Scorpio early pre-dawn this morning. (2:24 am pdt/ 3:24 am mdt/ 4:24 am cdt/ 5:24 am edt). Moon  in Scorpio alone can heal us. Although “pure power,” is not often focused so purely by its “thinker,” the power unbounded is pure and wide in range of potential expresssion.  Very powerful energies are stirring today.

MERCURY in Virgo OPPOSITE Chiron in Pisces is a middle of the night (pre-dawn) challenge to our own inner understanding of messages and purpose, mission and how we live that.

Meanwhile this MERCURY is INCONJUNCT the Revolutionary URANUS, reminds us of unspoken lyrics that haunt us and ring us from within. (3:02 am pdt/ 4:02 am mdt/ 5:02 am cdt/ 6:02 am edt). Some of these messages that “sing in our mind,” can be released, they are old garbage, and some of them can be chanted like mantra’s–those that serve our higher path, like those that glimmer with creative luminscent feelings. The remedy for confusion or backwards liabilities is to write it all out! Write out the doubts and fears, the hopes and desires, and the thoughts unspoken. When they are out and self-visible, we can choose which ones are serving and which ones not.  This is an electrical mental choice-point and power to speak.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER (Scorpio to Virgo) Power to the Practical! (6:22 am pdt/ 7:22 am mdt/ 8:22 am cdt/ 9:22 am edt). is a kiss of good luck! From home to the cosmos–we are earth and cosmically connected! This connection guides us intuitively and insinctively to abundance, joy and right relationship!

MOON SQUARE MARS (6:02 pm pdt/ 7:02 pm mdt/ 8:02 pm cdt/ 9:02 pm edt) is a home action square. Taking action makes this less irritating. Irritation ensues without action.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE (at 7:53 pm pdt/ 8:53 pm mdt/ 9:53 pm cdt/ 10:53 pm edt) water trine of wisdom and fantasy mind water to deep power water. We can flow the water in any direction. We are the direction pointer of the river of attention, and the river of our life!

May we dig deeper wells to beauty. May we allow our directives to guide life toward more depth, power and expression of our heart’s passions.

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