August 19, 2015 – Source-Art-Inner-Revolution-Wounded-Healer-Window

Mirror Image of Beauty – Within and Without

 MOON OPPOSITE URANUS (Libra to Aries) (6:41 am pdt/ 7:41 am mdt/ 8:41 am cdt/ 9:41 am edt) asks us to “break free,” of constrictions, and we are “broken free.” Life is shaking up and shaking us up in order to “set us free!”  The comfort of home is shaking under our feet, can we let go of whatever is shaking, and trust that what is coming, is what we’ve been asking for? . . .  and sometimes we have to let go of the shore, before the river can bring us to our own private island of manifestation.

40 days in the desert ~ walking out

MOON SEXTILE VENUS (6:50 am pdt/ 7:50 am mdt/ 8:50 am cdt/ 9:50 am edt) is a poignant moment in the Venus Rite of Passage. She has conjuncted the sun, she’s still invisible and still “walking out of the hot desert sun.” This is a sweet morning aspect, allowing us to rise in tender beauty and fresh purified light.

VENUS TRINE URANUS (at 9:44 am pdt/ 10:44 am mdt/ 11:44 am cdt/ 12:44 pm edt). Lighting candles, writing prayers, making wishes, tracking shooting stars, and the thoughts that surf them, wizards and witches, gnomes and magic brew, Uranus is coming to intimately touch you. Electrical and wise, rainbow and ancient eyes. Miracle mind, magic wand, what miracle does my he-art need today?

new life in odd situations and places

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON (9:51 am pdt/ 10:51 am mdt/ 11: 51 am cdt/ 12:51 edt) She changes everything she touches, and everything she touches–changes. Although love can be inconvenient or uncomfortable, awkward or embarrassing, real love is the truest currency on the earth. More than money makes the world go round, the force of love, is what truly “makes the world.” It is an empathic emanation from the heart we give to another. It is refreshing, warming, energetically nutritious and healing.  Love is our greatest abundance and currency today!

SUN SEXTILE MOON (at 7:56 pm pdt/ 8:56 pm mdt/ 9:56 am cdt/ 10:56 edt) is sweet ending to the day, like the sweet beginning. There is a great feminine magic in the morning and a beautiful masculine magic in the evening. May the dance of the planets inspire our dance of life. This evening, the dance of sun and moon is in full swing.

May we all be loving forces in each other’s lives. May we bring in miracles for and with each other today and from now on, even more.

Great Mystery is in Charge

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