August 17, 2015 – Morning Grounding Void ~ Afternoon Fresh Air

Today is a good day to spend the morning in the dirt

MOON SEXTILE SATURN (at 10:16 am pdt/ 11:16 am mdt/ 12:16 pm cdt/ 1:16 pm edt) Moon at the end of Virgo to Saturn in Scorpio. This is some very deep grounded homing going on. Saturn in Scorpio is the deepest of roots, clearing the shadow and moldy places that entered some part of us, and clearing it out, and replacing a “fresh root,” that will grow a new pattern, practice or partnership.

MOON is in a void for three hours. ~ VOID until (1:22 pm pdt/ 2:22 pm mdt/ 3:22 pm cdt/ 4: 22 pm edt) This is a slippery place.

MOON enters Libra (at 1:22 pm pdt/ 2:22 pm mdt/ 3:22 pm cdt/ 4:22 pm edt) – a time for partnership renewal. Moon is freshly new, in a crescent beauty place, holding our intentions, seeds and prayers, as we toss them in. In Libra, our partnership hearts are active and in communication. We can meet them in this new moon and venus cycle by honoring any NEW relationships for collaboration that are arising! There are a lot of new ideas coming from the cosmos to humanity, about how to partner and collaborate in new ways. May we listen well and be good cocreators!

New Partnerships are lining up for the best new era possible
New Partnerships are lining up for the best new era possible

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Astrology-School update: 
After much research on systems and speaking with a lot of you, I have created a few programs and the school has a few “tracks.” I’m completing the most important parts of the frame, philosophy and general functioning platform of the school. I apologize for a delay in sending invitations out! Today is our official press release date for the release of the school! Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive! Your invitations and the details of the school are coming soon! If you are not on our list to receive an invitation and would like one, Please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page and send us your e-mail address!!! Thanks! You’ll hear from us oh very soon. Mysteriously, like Venus, still hidden, but rising.