August 16, 2015 – Power Words and Power Blessings ~ Mastery in the New Incoming Light

sunflower-girl-bow to sunfield Moon still in Virgo, Trine PLUTO in Capricorn (at 3:34 am pdt/ 4:44 am mdt/ 5:44 am cdt/ 6:44am edt)

We have all completed a giant rite of passage and are now able to bow in gratitude to the SUN, for his/her gifts of radiance and flowering!

MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY (in Virgo) predawn (at 5:48 am pdt/ 6:48 am mdt/ 7:48 am cdt/ 8:48 am edt) is an aspect for cleaning and details in the magical realms of words, and healing symbols.

Once again, the main message of today is “Mastery.” How can we master ourselves in this new light so we can understand balance, joy and right relationship.

yoda-667955_1280It is time to be your own Master. . . .                           Are you ready?

Blessings in a day of power words and power blessings.