August 15, 2015 – New Solar Venus ~ Eruption with Force and Light ~ “Whole New Story Day!”

Moon enters Virgo before the day begins, just to be an anchor for the powerful light and explosion of newness, as . . . Crop Circle - July 26, 2011

The VENUS and SUN CONJUNCT today (at 12:22 pm, pdt/ 1:22 pm mdt/ 2:22 pm cdt/ 3:22 pm edt). This is the moment when “magic arrives,” in one form or another, to save “Persephone,” or “Inanna,” (the sensitive heart-loving Venusian part of us)–that is now hanging on a meat hook in the underworld naked.

This aspect brings in now: a bunch of light! This light comes flooding into our underworld in one form or another, from within, without, and all around! It is overwhelming to most of us! (humans) This power and light is super-human, shining in, Shining! We may or may not want more light in our underworld meat hook territory–and here it is! Along with magic and a new birth, and potentially a “whole new story!” (whatever we choose).

body-painting-756310_1280This is “whole new story day,” if there ever was one! That line, “Choose another story,” is especially true for today and the next two weeks as Venus rises from meat hook to evening star. She does this journey from shame to shining light within each one of us, in our own unique personal venus way.

MOON in Virgo, CONJUNCT JUPITER (2:27 am pdt/ 3:27 am mdt/ 4:27 am cdt/ 5:27 am edt) (also in Virgo)–also this morning BEFORE the VENUS-SUN conjunction, sliding its angel-hands in the early dawn moments. This alliance between the Mother Moon and the Jupiterian bringer of good luck is auspicious for all of us! especially on the same day VENUS shifts. They are (in a sense) birthing her form Capricorn to Leo together.  Together this duo holds a “Big Luck in the Details,” hand out today. We are given faeries, and birds, crickets and squirrels, like the princess who sewed her dress with the help of birds, who found the ribbons for her! This is that day–where the birds have found the blue-magic-ribbons you were seeking and brought them to you. They take care of your details, while you explode in light.

yoda-667955_1280MERCURY TRINE PLUTO is the other power aspect of today with two of our cycle-makers! This consciousness–when these two come together, they call for Mastery! What does it mean for YOU to be a MASTER? . . .  in YOUR OWN WORLD, YOUR OWN LIFE? Today is a call to Mastery! exact trine is at (12:55 pm, pdt/ 1:55 pm mdt/ 2:55 pm cdt/ 3:55 pm edt)

(At 5:28 pm, pdt/ 6:28 pm mdt/ 7:28 pm cdt/ 8:28 pm edt), VENUS comes to “Peri-helion,” meaning closest in physical time/space to the SUN. This is another version of the “actual conjunction time,” from the Sun’s perspective, instead of Earth’s perspective.

explosion-139433_1280 dahlia-186450_1280 mount-st-helens-164848_1280From the Center of VENUS, there comes a burst of energy, power, light and intent. Out of her tender wounded, meat-hung heart, she rises like a volcano, a flower and a honey-bee hive calling message, bursting into the world, all at once!

bee-189205_1280She is alive, she is renewed, reborn, and with a new story, with force, with fire, water, earth and air, all elements love and support her. They are at her command. She is the sun, in the world of form. Her intentions sing and the elementals ring dancing into form her wishes, dreams, goals and art of life. The elements love Ms. Earth and Ms. Venus, her feminine side.

Are you ready to shine?

sky-721912_1280May the source of your own light be with you and shine!

From Capricorn to Leo: goats-692660_1280
The NEW VENUS CYCLE! (in Leo) for 18 months!!!!!!! From the depths of our SATURN-PLUTO issues, we are invited to shift into another phase of our evolution! this is the phase where we stop struggling, we’ve done the work, especially over the last 18 months, while Saturn, Pluto and Capricorn were overseeing the venus cycle! We were doing “hard work!”africa-lionplay17344_1280

Now: in the new 18 month cycle that begins with a tiny seed-power-moment today, unfurling now, still walking out of the 40 days in the desert, as Venus is still “invisible,” in the sky, as the SUN “eclipses,” her. In the Sun’s light and power she is “lost.” (perhaps in her own kind of desert). Still walking out, she is walking into the cycle ahead, the Leo cycle, overlighted and overseen by the SUN, by dieties that say to us, “Congratulations! and thank you for all that hard work for 18 months!” NOW ITS TIME TO PLAY, CREATE, MANIFEST, FEEL ABUNDANT and PLAY at what your SOUL CAME HERE TO PLAY AT!

May the force of your VENUS be with you. May the force of your HEART be with you, in full power. 10734005_10205131845714698_4287255718979573471_nNow is the time! (finally) its time.


The final aspect to speak a story about this new VENUS cycle is:sunset-531113_1280
MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE at (6:29 pm pdt/ 7:29 pm mdt/ 8:29 cdt/ 9:29 pm edt) The message of NEPTUNE to the MOON, is “trust the unknown,” even though you can’t see far ahead, trust it is and can be, “more beautiful,” than it is now. Where you are going, that you can’t see, is more beautiful. You can trust that, and bring it about, from fog, and unknown, into reality and form. May we celebrate the way we shine our heartlight, into “unknown territory,” and it works wonders to our lives.

May we have the courage to shine into unknown territory!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Astrology-School official invitations and details are coming in your inbox tomorrow in the sun-venus light ~ 22 students will join us on a journey of manifesting a new career in all its detail, choices and form–a career, “guided by the stars in some unique way!” We will all do this together! (like a flock of geese!) If you are not on are mailing list to receive an invitation, and you would like to be, please click here, and fill our your e-mail in the form at the bottom of this page. (after clicking here) We love you and CLICK!

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