August 14, 2015 – Happy NEW MOON in Leo! ~ Extra Power to the Venus Transformation we are Traversing!

Happy New Moon in Leo! May the Generous Heart overtake you and all those around you! May we Groowl Love into the world more. More love! africa-lionplay17344_1280This is a New Moon of the Opening Generous Heart of Humanity!

Leo is generous and has the warmest of hearts. The Leo heart is so warm its wise. This heart-wisdom is just what we need to get through the crazy times ahead.

Leo Lights Up any Shadow with its Fiery Truthful Light and Warm Loving Heart

   This New Moon carries the final day of the old Venus cycle, so we are still purifying the deep shadows of the feminine, all that inhibits and inappropriately limits her, is being seen and cleaned.

Venus and our inner feminine has carried herself all the way to the meat hook (bottom) in the underworld. She can see her own shadow clearly as well as the shadow of those around her. She is best to clear and heal, clear and heal while in the dark bottom of her cycle. She is hanging on her meat hook (symbolically) waiting for her nakedness and humility to cross the threshold of death of the old, a shedding and a whole new infusion of light and life. (coming tomorrow)–when VENUS CONJUNCTS the SUN!

VENUS CONJUNCT the SUN tomorrow is the point of shift and death/rebirth for VENUS! Are we listening?

New Light is streaming in already, in this time of Venus in her shifting and shedding of the old limits and entering a new time of “coming out of the closet,” of Saturn’s veils.

From (a Venus energy overlighted and fed by Saturn’s energy)–hidden and hermit, studied and disciplined–limited in all the “right ways for us,” on our journey, we can now break out in the light of Leo that is coming in.

This new light streams into the foundation of Saturnian Capricornian work we’ve done for the last years of Venus overlighted by Capricorn.

This NEW MOON begins a new kind of “anchoring of our power here on earth,” where we prepare to be beacons and forces of light. We will shine–for 18 months Venus will ripple with the power of the sun!

emotions-woman in water-bowing to light
May we LIsten and Hear!May we receive this new light and know how to dance its new radiant grace!