August 13, 2015 – Mysterious Magical Healing Dark Moon

Today is the last day of the old lunar cycle, before the New Moon, tomorrow! (see tomorrow’s blog post-already published at–Moon entered the sign of the New Moon, (Leo) yesterday. Solar light is flooding into dark places in mysterious

Meanwhile SUN in Leo is TRINE URANUS in Aries. (3:27 am pdt/ 4:27 am mdt/ 5:27 am cdt/ 6:27 am edt). This is quite some mysterious magic. For each one, there is a unique version of the Sun’s light that filter’s through us. Connecting with this light is Uranian invisible to real world magic. Miracles, dreams in an instant, and transformations that boggle the linear mind are in the realm of this space. In the Deep Dark Moon, there is a deep release, healing and mystery going on, with “magic at our back.”

SUN INCONJUNCT CHIRON at (6:54 am pdt/ 7:54 am mdt/ 8:54 am cdt/ 9:54 edt) is a healing we don’t know is happening. Its a strange portal in the day that shakes off some kind of old world wounded grit, allowing fresh new light in, to heal in wordless and no-words-needed ways. This portal can come in the morning or at any time today.

May we allow the strange unusual ways that creation loves us–in. May we re-member the fabric of life all around us loves us. Even when the energies are low and all our fears and dark corners are feeling charged with shadow, due to the low light in the cycle, we can still let go, and allow the fabric of life to hold us.

Today is the DEEPest, Final DARK MOON day in the Moon-Cycle. ~ ENDING and RELEASE day in the feminine cycles. The last day of the old lunar cycles and the last days of the old (Saturn-Related) venus cycle. We are preparing for a (Sun-Related) Venus cycle of 18 months, beginning at the SUN VENUS conjunction on Saturday and in the following weeks, as Venus continues her journey.  The transition is a gradual one–over these next two weeks as Venus dies and is reborn.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Invitations will be sent in the New Energy, with the New Moon and New Venus. May we all rise into the New Light in beautiful collaboration! For more information on the New Astrology-School–if you have not already given us your e-mail address, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out that form with your e-mail–we’ll send you an invitation in the new cycle! Starlight be in your eyes and heart!