August 12, 2015 – Surfing Big Energy, in Release, Restructure, and Transition

There are mysterious forces at work, purifying foundational areas of life. We may allow these greater forces to work.

MOON in water Cancer, TRINE SATURN in deeper-water-Scorpio¬† (10:44 am, pdt/ 11:44 am mdt/ 12:44 pm cdt/ 1:44 pm edt). Structure and Limits Planet (Saturn) is now forward after the father planet’s recent 5 month retrograde. We have one more month of SATURN in the deep water sign, on its way out now. In this last month, all our power pieces will continue to be purified, released and re-gathered–placed in alignment–related to the inner father and our place of boundary and form-making.

We did a deep SATURN cathartic cleanse and shamanic purge (scorpio’s area). over the last two years, where all of our Father-Power issues were being clarified, seen and healed by mysterious balancing forces, like phoenix fires and unseen waters of life. This is the last month of that powerful healing time.

This is a deep time of healing old money patterns and old patterns related to the patriarchy. Its time to release, and receive divine purified power that is clear, ready for us to step into it.

When SATURN re-enters Sagittarius from Retrograding back to Scorpio, in mid-September, we’ll be ready for a new refreshed set of beliefs that are more serving of the times to come.

cows-surrounded water358963_1280
Even when the “waters rise,” there is still grass to eat, if you are a cow.

MERCURY OPPOSITE NEPTUNE (at 6:11 pm pdt/ 7:11 pm mdt/ 8:11 pm cdt/ 9:11 am edt) has a similar theme to Saturn in Scorpio, of a “dissolving of old boundaries,” and the flowing releasing preparation to receive new divine input. This is a good aspect for meditation, bath-contemplation, and non-verbal endeavors. Anything more linear can become water-logged or confused, so its good, at the end of the lunar cycle, and the end of our 18 month Venus cycle, to relax, allow things to flow, and remember that some other higher power, other than our small self, is in charge, nomatter what we are thinking. It’s a good time to allow the giant water force of nature, to purify our mind tonight.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS (at 7 pm pdt/ 8 pm mdt/ 9 pm cdt/ 10 pm edt) is a late evening Grrrr-Release. This is a good time to release old anger, old pain, and old regrets. We can do something now. Now we have all the power in the world to heal and repair any misunderstanding, any break in what might be a divine right order. We are still unfolding the very end of our Moon and Venus cycles. This activation in a waning Moon, from Mars, is a push to let go even more, on a walk or run or hike, letting go, jumping on a trampoline, letting go, doing yoga, dancing and letting go more.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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