August 11, 2015 – Final Release and Catharsis

Cleansing the Past


JUPITER is in Virgo now!  (at 4:13 am pdt/ 5:13 am mdt/ 6:13 am cdt/ 7:13 am edt) Cleansing and Healing is going to be really big in the next two years. We can trust the big giant good energy planet to bring us so much effective cleaning and healing–much needed for all of us, and even for the Earth!

As Jupiter, the Big Planet of upliftment leaves Leo and enters Virgo, all the fire that was so big in the last two years, has a next step in grounding. We can let go of extra fire, and extra heat. We can ground our creativity into form. We can allow the relaxing shift from Fire to Earth as Jupiter moves this part of us along. We are able, in the next two years, to ground the high vision of a fiery Jupiter, into detailed and specific actions. Jupiter in Virgo will lead us through the manifestation process over the next two years, one day at a time–with luck and grace! As Jupiter transitions we can hold our inner child in so much love that she grows into a healer.

MOON is in cancer at the very bottom of the lunar cycle and venus cycle. We are in a “final release,” phase of feminine energy. The feminine within us and all women are going through a kind of “Final Release,” of the old cycle. This is also a release in all of the things of Capricorn that we’ve been purifying and rectifying over the last 18 months. The feminine has been busy and hard at work building something. She’s been purifying her inner patriarchy and letting go of any places of limitation or disempowerment. She is reclaiming all lost power and all lost pieces of herself. She is letting go of inadequacy thoughts and thoughts of less than beautiful.

MOON OPPOSES PLUTO (at 6:16 am pdt/ 7:16 am mdt/ 8:16 am cdt/ 9:18 pm edt). This end of the cycle activation of the PLUTO-URANUS SQUARE is a moment to feel all that has transpired within us in the last four years and last year. We’ve changed. We’ve grown. We’ve been pressured out of an old way and perhaps into new ways. We may not even be comfortable yet in the new ways and we may still cling to some of the past. We’re really called to LET GO.  This is a cathartic death and release day. Its good to let go of all the pain and suffering, all less-than-loving expressions–we can let go.

MOON SQUARE URANUS in the evening is a radical breakthrough energy. Our mothering parts that nurture us are not always ready to leap into new energy or new experience. There is not always the willingness to “let go,” and move beyond the old places. We are called on a deep level to move past the past, past our comfort zone, and past the places where we hold onto things that are less than brilliant. Today–in the last days of the old lunar cycle and old Venus cycle–a final clearing. May we surrender to the flow of change before us.

Tomorrow MERCURY OPPOSES NEPTUNE – for a slippery mind. One more aspect telling us to “let go,” and surrender–tomorrow evening.

May we take baths and walks. May we drink living water that carries all the dead things out. May we all let go of what does not serve, in preparation for what will serve our whole more deeply.

Cherishing the secret changes within