August 7, 2015 – Big Communications & Little Transitions

amazing-tree sun  MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER pre-dawn makes everything “bigger!” Dogs bark louder, and people bark louder too! Mercury, our mind and our methods of communication is “expanded” today. We may be expanding our network potential online, or we may be asked to “expand,” in our way of communicating in many ways by different people around us!


MERCURY enters Virgo this afternoon, mole-13298_1280(12:15 pm pdt/ 1:15 pm mdt/ 2:15 pm cdt/ 3:15 pm edt)–the air planet of thinking moving from from fire (expanding creativity) to earth (consolidating and grounding energy!). It often feels good to get to the end of fire and ground into earth with a part of ourselves–in this case our mental faculty. The earth is grounding when it comes to taking care of health and work. We will have some practical grounding and clean up time ahead, with this Mercury in Virgo transit.

MOON SQUARE VENUS is a corner between feminine energies. (5:38 pm/ 6:38 pm mdt/ 7:38 pm cdt/ 8:38 pm edt) Sometimes there is a clash, a difference of opinion. This is a 90 degree angle and it passes. Sometimes two women just don’t agree and sometimes within ourselves, our ancient part and our sexy new part may feel differently and we have to mediate between them!

With VENUS RETOGRADING we are still digging, the feminine is removing her veils and ending a very long 18 month cycle. (August 15). At the very bottom, things can get dark in venus-land, like a dark moon gets during the waning last quarter, which we are in now! So the feminine is in the dark. Beware this space–may it be deep wise and quiet instead of all its other shadow expressions.

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN (at 7:40 pm pdt/ 8:40 pm mdt/ 9:40 pm cdt/ 10:40 pm edt) is a face-off between our internal and external. Mother and Father, Discipline and soft allowing. We are working all this out in the opposition this evening! How do we restructure things at our home so they are more harmonious for all? Saturn is asking, what new boundaries and structures of containment are needed for our home-space to flourish even more?

MOON SQUARE JUPITER (at 9:25 pm pdt/ 10:25 pm mdt/ 11:25 pm cdt/ 12:25 am–late night–edt) is another corner, however when Jupiter is involved, there is usually a reservoir of grace nearby. If there is a challenge, usually good luck is hovering by our fingers. Amidst our challenges, with other people, in thought or situation, may we aim to be wise, compassionate and use our reservoir of “good luck,” when we need it! Don’t forget it is there tonight! You may need it!

MOON SEXTILE MARS (at 9:48 pm pdt/ 10:48 pm mdt/ 11:48 pm cdt/ 12:48 am–late night–edt) is a late night charge of energy. Its a good night to dance and party in spite of some of the “more serious conversations going on!” Its a Friday Night! Take our buns to the dance floor to celebrate our mars! This aspect sends the moon into a small VOID between Taurus and Gemini for just one hour.

MOON enters Gemini (at 10:40 pm pdt/ 11:40 pm mdt/ 12:40 am–late night–cdt/ 1:40 am edt). balloon over waterFeet can turn to wings, problems can be solved with intelligence and spiritual assistance–if we request it and in general we can “lighten up,” as the Moon enters Gemini for the weekend! Its a good weekend to really enjoy the summer!

Moon is waning in its last quarter so its rest and release time–time to let go and let go and let go.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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