August 6, 2015 – Work, Love, Communications Pressure to Change

  OpenTimeForChangeSUN INCONJUNCT PLUTO in the middle of the night is an awkward aspect related to our ability to shine, unencumbered by misuses of power and unconscious downfalls. We can overcome the pitfalls of power, even in nightmare’s, mistakes and psychological crashes in a moment.

MARS TRINE SATURN--also in the middle of the night causes productivity in dreamtime. (1:29 am pdt/ 2:29 am mdt/ 3:29 am cdt/ 4:29 am edt).


goal-shadow girl in sunset doorway
Letting our heart’s lead us through the changes, across the threshold and into the juicy light.

MERCURY CONJUNCT VENUS is a communication with love. Sometimes, in alchemical settings, “Love brings up everything unlike itself, in order to heal it.” (7:25 am pdt/ 8:25 am mdt/ 9:25 am cdt/ 10:25 am edt)

VENUS is RETROGRADING, (now in Leo) in her 40 day transformative Death/Rebirth shift, like Christ was lost in the desert and then later “hung on a cross” we too have these cathartic “death points,” and VENUS RETROGRADING takes us down, stripping layers off, lowering into the underworld–the darkest final moments of her old Capricorn cycle.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE (at 10:02 am pdt/ 11:02 am mdt/ 12:02 pm cdt/ 1:02 pm edt) is a graceful kiss from Divine forces, carrying us like sticks on a river of life. We can trust the flow!

MERCURY SQUARE SATURN (at 1:19 pm pdt/ 2:19 pm mdt/ 3:19 pm cdt/ 4:19 pm edt). This aspect asks us if we are ready to let go of an old way of thinking. We can let go of an old way of working, of communicating, of “being too serious,” and “not playing,” at life. The trickster of speedy telepathic communication at its best, on Mercury’s winged feet, has challenge to relate to the density of the physical creation. Our intentions can carry us through the coldest of times.

MOON TRINE PLUTO (at 5:44 pm pdt/ 6:44 pm mdt/ 7:44 pm cdt/ 8:44 pm edt) is a restorative link between self and lost power. May we mend and repair our fragmented pieces into wholeness of soul.

Threshold of shifting energy

SUN SQUARE MOON (at 7:03 pm pdt/ 8:03 pm mdt/ 9:03 pm cdt/ 10:03 pm edt) is a masculine feminine radiant and receptive square of hurdles and tests. May we pass the test. May we be light.

This Sun/Moon Square brings us to the dark waning last quarter of this lunar cycle. We have one more week, before the lunar cycle that will bring us into the eclipses. We are heading toward rapid and penetrating change.

May we guide ourselves with light, seeing the path ahead with its cracks in the pavement.