August 5, 2015 – Creative Intelligence – Summer Flowering

We each have flower petals in the process of opening toward more color, divinity and authentic self-espressed radiance. Like flowers, we too, grow into more beauty with time.

Today’s fire MOON is in Aries, of new beginnings and a higher mind, that is always striving to open itself to more and more divinity.

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS (at 2:22 am pdt/ 3:22 am mdt/ 4:22 am cdt/ 5:22 am edt) is the “stealing of fire, from our own shadow,” in the middle of the night. We have “emerged,” from some more old shadow or karma or gook. We can let it go and ascend into more light, freedom and joy. Uranus is always supporting our way to freedom!

VENUS SQUARE SATURN (at 8:08 am pdt/ 9:08 am mdt/ 10:08 am cdt/ 11:08 am edt) symbolizes the beautiful loving, tests and questions of crafting our life’s work. Work is enjoyable and feels good when it is the work from our heart, in a way that is in alignment with our soul-work. When we are in alignment with what we came here to do, there is a feeling that all is well. When we are in alignment, there is a feeling of excitement about¬† “good work to do,” and we look forward to this work.

Squirrels are so wise about work–they know how to collect food and prepare for winter and how to rely on the trees to do most of the work in building their homes.

SATURN challenges us in the real testing places of time-space. What do we need to build in our lives in order to thrive? Today is remodeling day in “life’s work” village.

MOON TRINE MERCURY (at 12:25 pdt/ 1:25 mdt/ 2:25 cdt/ 3:25 edt) location and communication are both important, and if each human being is an island, living in his or her, “own world,” with his or her “own perspective,” beliefs and bubble of life reflecting those beliefs, where and how do our bubbles of life cross? How do we influence others and they us? How do our words and presence, and way of “being in the space we occupy,” communicate with the community around us? This is a day of self-awareness, growth and support to flower in this area.

MOON SQUARE MARS (at 3:07 pm pdt/4:07 mdt/ 5:07 cdt/ 6:07 edt) is an intimate personal action moment in the late afternoon/evening. There is work and energy. The summer gifts us with extra energy. We don’t need as much sleep, we can run for miles and feel energized, because the SUN is powering us with summer energy.

MOON TRINE VENUS (at 3:22 pm pdt/4:22 pm mdt/ 5:22 pm cdt/ 6:22 pm edt) is one of the sweetest geometric energy doses in the sky. We are dosed with the beauty of love and feminine energy! We are this love and we emit this love like fragrance and color. We are emitters of love! Together we make a rainbow of love’s fragrances and colors, actions and music!

“We are here to be each other’s garden, earthworm, rain . . . . . and sunlight.” –A. W.

MOON TRINE JUPITER (at 4:29 pm pdt/ 5:29 pm mdt/ 6:29 cdt/ 7:29 edt) Home-base expansion we soar with wind under our surf-pants. There is home and there is travel and the dance back and forth. Home is so lovely when we return from being away and time “apart,” from a loved one, makes the return oh so lovely and sweet. This is a juicy luscious day.

MOON is VOID for two hours, between Aries and Taurus
This is a portal of magic, as it began with the last aspect before the MOON leaves Aries, in TRINE with JUPITER at the end of Leo. This is a lot of gifted fire energy. The VOID we enter is a magical VOID of beauty and expanded consciousness. MOON transitions from Aries to Taurus.
MOON VOID: (between 4:29 pm and 6:29 pm pdt)
(5:29 pm mdt – 7:29 pm mdt)(6:29 pm cdt – 8:29 pm cdt)
(7:29 pm edt – 9:29 pm edt)

MOON enters Taurus (at 6:29 pm, pdt/ 7:29 pm mdt/ 8:29 pm cdt/ 9:29 pm edt). Squirrels know how to pick the food that fell into their hands, the “lowest hanging fruit.” Taurus emits and shares the realm of color, taste, flavor and texture. We love our various forms of fruits we share. May we fruit and share. Eat the fruits of others and exchange our gifts in the light of summer!

Currants ripening on their path to nourishment. We too have ripening and a path of nourishment.

May we ripen into divine colorful fruits with essences and scent of our unique soul, lit up with sunlight and filled with form by water and earth.

Warning and Blessing!: This is an absolutely beautiful, supportive time and really wonderful for “Harvesting.” September has eclipses coming. Eclipses are volatile and unstable, so NOW is the TIME to take care of important business before the potential chaos of September! Blessings in your Squirrel-Wise preparation for Septembers shifts.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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