August 3, 2015 – Emerging from SATURN SHIFT SHOCK to Harmonious Forward Motion

girl-388652_1280Today JUPITER SQUARE SATURN (at 3:36 am pdt/ 4:46 am mdt/ 5:46 pm cdt/ 6:46 am edt) is a “stretch” corner for our work. It is work, however, it must be enjoyable, supportive and allow us to be on our authentic soul’s journey. Our work and/or life must not infringe upon our soul¬† or authenticity, rather support and sustain it. This is the work of SATURN SQUARE JUPITER, make it fun and soul-supportive to be in this world–for you and those you love.

MOON TRINE MARS (at 10:49 am pdt/ 11:49 am mdt/ 12:49 pm cdt/ 1:49 pm edt) is an action energy. If we’ve felt sleepy and tired or emotionally spring-fed over the weekend, this is a kind supportive action to take, next steps, gracefully unfurling, like wings from a cocoon. Maybe they are a little wet, however as soon as they dry off, we will fly!

MOON TRINE SATURN (at 1:35 pm pdt/ 2:35 pm mdt/ 3:35 pm cdt/ 4:45 pm edt) is another grace aspect. As SATURN changed direction over the weekend, from the 5 months of retrograde shamanic physical world shifting and purification, to the forward motion of coming back out of that deep journey, stepping forward one day at a time, from our alchemical deep SATURN place of honor for the physical world. Life and death, choices to be or not to be with each other. Finality, boundaries, and the choices of partnership and family, structure and work. This trine is a soft place to feel supported in all this shifting. Wisdom and grace are available today like opened can’s of paint sitting around us. This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID from (1:35 pm pdt to 4:24 pm pdt).

iceland-poppy-8110_1280In this VOID between MOON in Pisces and MOON in Aries, We are still digging deeply into our soul content as PLUTO is in Saturn’s sign, still retrograding.¬† With Saturn direct now and Pluto still retrograding, there is an interesting alchemy, where we begin to move forward again, archetypally, underneath our lives, from a giant catharsis in how we “do the physical world.” There’s a deep layer of soulwork from this that is still going on, and yet “life goes on,” and SATURN moves us forward.

In the VOID on the way to the Aries, new beginning, bright shiny fire energy, its another new “intention setting portal,” for new things.

May we be carriers and painters of New Light

MOON enters Aries (at 4:24 pm pdt/ 5:24 pm mdt/ 6:24 pm cdt/ 7:24 pm edt) and the rest of the day is filled with new light.

May we be painters and carriers of new light.

Here’s a new phrase to replace an old one “lighting two candles with one flame,” rather than “killing two birds with one stone.” This is a gesture toward the end of humanity killing animals. (among other new arrivals of the new light intentions, streaming out of our hands).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Many many deep and magical blessings to each and every one of you on your journey!