August 2, 2015 – SATURN DIRECT ~ Magical Mind Responsibility

groynes-339250_1280This morning SATURN is very slowly moving forward after its 5 month Retrograde. As Saturn retrograded for 5 months, we delved deep into the history–subtly, in our psyche related to power and authority and how our lives are “directed.” Saturn and Pluto are closely linked right now so they are emphasizing the power and authority dance and what is “inappropriate or unjust use of power,” and what is right use of power and divine alignment of authority?

Do we feel like we are directing our lives in a dance between our own authority and Divine Authority, or do we feel the power was usurped in a way there are social justice issues or issues with “right use of power?” This is a time when social responsibility and authority issues are up for refinement. These power structures that relate to our lives, are up right now for re-alignment and clear intention, choices and communicating with each other to work out true clear power dynamics–hopefully in alignment with higher selves and divine plan.

The SATURN SHIFT is a big force right now--it can be a very deep and powerful time and an important time to acknowledge the truth and do what we can to plan to move forward in our own self-directed, divinely inspired way.

Taking a Stand! The energy of today is aligned with the theme of “taking a stand,” in the Pachamama Alliance branches-238379_1280“Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium,” teachings. In this earth-community-awakening video–we are asked what we believe in “so much,” that there is “no compromise,” for us. What is so deep, meaningful and important to us that we “stand by it?” SATURN changing direction is inviting us to recognize these uncompromising Saturn places where we are “uncompromsing.” Where is this kind of “uncompromising,” stand called for and where can we be flexible. Flexibility is good whenever its not such a strong call from within. However when we feel the call, we must stand firm in that place.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in Pisces is a vast watery place of emotion or divinity, spiritual river, actual water play, or a powerful archetypal flow of energy into our lives. (6:28 am, pdt/ 7:28 am mdt/ 8:28 am cdt/ 9:28 am edt)

MERCURY TRINE URANUS (at 7:50 am, pdt/ 8:50 am mdt/ 9:50 am cdt/ 10:50 am edt) is a magical mind. We do have the power to envision anything and therefore create absolutely anything. We have the power within.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO (at 1:40 pm, pdt/ 2:40 pm mdt/ 3:40 pm cdt/ 4:40 pm edt) is another reference to reclaiming lost power. PLUTO is still RETROGRADING in Saturn’s sign. Saturn has gone forward and its reciprocal power and authority counterpart, PLUTO is still digging deeper.

The question for today is : What is right action? How can my actions re-align right use of power in the world around me?

May each of you stand firm in the place you are called to stand, and flex in places where you can let go and compromise.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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