August 1, 2015 – FULL VENUS – SATURN DIRECT!

11401202_10152958400543907_8011591209260100231_nWe enter the month of August with the MOON in Aquarius, honoring the brilliant ingenious collaborative spirit of the New World moon sign. MOON SEXTILE URANUS emphasizes the genius with the often “beginners luck,” of any new project, partnership or situation. This charged electical magic is in the middle of the night, pre-dawn.

SUN INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE (at 11:24 am pdt/ 12:24 pm mdt/ 1:24 pm cdt/ 2:24 pm edt) is a potential creative hurdle to shine through. Patience and compassion for our needs and others needs for more sleep or for relaxation, or whatever spiritual energy might be needed to balance the awkward dance of the morning.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER at (12:16 pm pdt/ 1:16 mdt/ 2:16 cdt/ 3:16 edt) is an expansive energy that is bringing the JUPITER in Leo energy to fruition in Jupiter’s last day’s of Leo. As the expansive one digs into our radiant creative heart, it illuminates our inner heart’s projects and people! Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 12th.

MOON SQUARE SATURN (at 12:49 pm pdt/ 1:49 pm mdt/ 2:49 pm cdt/ 3: 49 pm edt) is a corner of responsibility tension. This is our work. Squares are physical world work outs or obstacles to work to overcome.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS is a FULL VENUS!  (3:02 pm pdt/ 4:02 pm mdt/ 5:02 pm cdt/ 6:02 pm edt) Venus Retrograding has us in a deep creative inner feminine transition. We are moving from an earth overlighting venus cycle to a fire one. Your own inner feminine is ignighting during this time, preparing for the magical cycle beginning Solar conjunction on August 15th! Just after this opposition, MOON departs Aquarius and enters Pisces (between 3:02 pm and 3:36 pm pdt).

In Pisces for the rest of the weekend, we enter the sweetest most sensitive part of selves, still waning off the FULL MOON light, we’re still in high light lunar energy!

SATURN is in the deep water sign of Scorpio, as it slows down all day Saturn lineupto station tonight. We may feel tired or work-laden. SATURN is our friend in the physical creations we extend and walk upon. Our Fatherly Responsibility Structure part of self STATIONS and CHANGES DIRECTION to be DIRECT from its 5 month RETROGRADE season (at 10:53 pm pdt/ 11:53 pm mdt/ 12:53 am cdt/ 1:53 am edt). Its educational to observe what is going on as a planet stations. We can learn about how we are personally experiencing the energy of that planet. Today is there is a deep presence of SATURN!

May we honor our physical world structures in all their forms. May we celebrate all the facets of our SATURN!

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