July 31, 2015 – FULL MOON surfing, into a Deep Poignant Weekend of Full Venus!

woman-639420_1280FULL MOON in Aquarius, OPPOSITE SUN in Leo, occurred pre-dawn this morning (at 3:43 am pdt/ 4:43 am mdt/ 5:43 am cdt/ 6:43 pm edt). This fixed cross-bar of our zodiac is within each of us. We all have the Leo-Aquarius axis in us somewhere. Wherever we have that–its ignighted now with its dance of individuality and community magic.

VENUS enters Leo today (at 8:28 am pdt/ 9:28 am cdt/ 10:28 am edt). She enters the sign where she will take off the clothes and energies of her old cycle and pick up new tools.

VENUS, now in her 40 days in the desert mystery, backing down into the mysterious creative underworld again, only this time in some kind of between Capricorn and Leo VENUS DANCE. We are still in the shift process between an old 18 month VENUS CYCLE that was overlighted by Capricorn, to a new 18 month VENUS CYCLE beginning in mid August.

Some say her cycle begins as she makes the inside SUN-VENUS CONJUNCTION. This is a point in the Venus 5-pointed star pattern that she makes as she goes on her feminine journey. The last point was Capricorn. (18 months ago). Now this point is made with a SUN-VENUS CONJUNCTION in Leo on August 15th.

Planet Venus is in her 40 day in the desert transformation between the Capricorn and Leo cycles.
Planet Venus is in her 40 day in the desert transformation between the Capricorn and Leo cycles.

Some say her cycle begins, only after she rises into the evening sky, and is visible, which will be days after the conjunction as she is invisible when near the SUN. VENUS is retrograding as she crosses the SUN, crossing from “in front of the sun,” as a Morning Star, to “behind the SUN,” as an evening star. As a morning star for a lot of the summer, Venus has forged ahead with her creative and business endeavors–completing her Saturnian Capricornian work cycle of 18 months. She is preparing to “shine” for 18 months while she is solar ruled. Hallelujah! Prepare to shine the inner feminine jewels within! (after the 40 days of desert/de-robing the old).

MOON in Aquarius OPPOSITE MERCURY in Leo, this evening (7:26 pm pdt/ 8:26 pm mdt/ 9:26 pm cdt, 10:26 pm edt) is great for publishing and editing community magazines for the Aquarian mind, and not so great for personal communications. OPPOSITIONS to MERCURY can be tricky to “get along with,” because of their tendency to engage “opposite ideas” between people. Humor is always a good tool for elevating these places of opposition that may arise in families or work situations.

SATURN is slowing down from a 5 month RETROGRADE SEASON, since March 15th, when it stationed to go Retrograde. SATURN is in Scorpio one last time, after already leaving for Sagittarius, before it retrograded back into Scorpio for one more shadow cleaning, power-tending moment. If we forgot how to “hold on to our power,” we will be reminded that we lost it, and that we need to reclaim it.

Tomorrow, SATURN STATIONS late at night. (at 10:53 pm late night pdt)–bringing some quirky surreal SATURN changing direction energy. SATURN is related to our dreams and desires in the physical world. How do we most desire to work and live. What is the “stage in the world,” upon which we truly desire to dance upon?

This transition highlights our deepest SATURN goals and, a long 5 month preparation for a new SATURN phase in our lives. Saturn is the force that allows us to ground our seeds and dreams, into real things. Sometimes dreams take years or a lifetime to manifest, so much longer than we may think, however when they do finally materialize, it is SATURN who brings them home.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS tomorrow is a FULL VENUS–like a FULL MOON but with VENUS–(at 3:02 pm pdt/ 4:02 pm mdt/ 5:02 pm cdt/ 6:02 pm edt). So as SATURN is in shift, from retro to forward, VENUS is in her cathartic fullness–ready to shed the old and don the new. This is a sacred ritual-like weekend within.

May we cherish the delicate forces within us as they change in their cycles–endings and beginnings are delicate tender places for human beings. May we hold each other in these delicate cocoon-leaving moments.

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July 30, 2015 – Aquarius Full Moon Rising ~ “What Kind of A World?”



Dance! says the Sufi, Shout! says the outraged, Go Shopping! Says the American, Hunt! says the Dentist, Kill! says the Military Sargeant, Meditate! says the Guru, Listen! says the Teacher, Fly! says the Full Moon in Aquarius. You have wings! They are wings of this world–like a bike. They are a mind and feet and a car. Even an airplane is at your fingers. Our wings are new inventions and new thoughts, new choices, new ideas and new projects.

This is the Full Moon of “Be the Change You Wish to See In The World.” If you can “see it,” in your minds eye, then you can live it. If we can truly “Imagine,” vision, and be uncompromising about our way of “bringing a kinder world,” then we will indeed bring a kinder world.

This Aquarius Full Moon has been seeping into our consciousness since the cycle began. We’ve been rising toward it from the NEW MOON in Cancer (not in Leo, as it might be in a more “normal time”).  The exact time of the FULL MOON is late tonight (at 3:43 am pdt/ 4:34 am mdt/ 5:34 am cdt/ 6:34 am edt) or pre-dawn tomorrow morning. Tonight is the PEAK of FULL MOON AQUARIUS LIGHT. Tomorrow night is the Waning off the Peak side of the FULL MOON. So tonight is a power night for creating, sharing and completing the most important part of our work for this whole cycle. After we cross the FULL MOON, we can “unwind,” allow our peak to unfold and unwind, and unfurl down into the lower energy part of the cycle. Tonight–we peak–in our creative-world-communication and prayer vigil–if we choose. (tonights prayers are power prayers–as always in the rising FULL MOON LIGHT!)

The NEW MOON started with a lot of MARS and PLUTO energy present. This MARS/PLUTO energy is volatile and self-responsible. It is filled with revolutionary Uranian-Inventive-new beginnings and bloody warring deathy endings. We get both–with MARS/PLUTO (and our current human collective). However MARS and PLUTO do not give us violence, lion killing, churches and schools filled with children exploding–that is not of “Mars,” or of “Pluto,” those choices are human choices. MARS and PLUTO emanate energies another flavor from the SUN, Sunlight does not decide whether weeds or flowers grow, it shines on both. PLUTO gives “pure power,” to all of creation in the same way. We all receive the “powers,” and forces of human nature.

This morning, MOON OPPOSITE MARS (at 4:24 am, pdt/ 5:24 am mdt/ 6:24 am cdt/ 7:24 am edt) has us charged and in action, potentially in a face off or two, and charged with the need to be self-responsible, and “look out for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those we care about!”

MOON SEXTILE SATURN (at 11:50 am pdt/12:50 pm mdt/ 1:50 pm cdt/ 2:50 pm edt), sends the MOON into the VOID between Capricorn and the FULL MOON sign of Aquarius--which MOON enters (at 2:40 pm pdt/ 3:40 pm mdt/ 4:40 pm cdt/ 5:40 pm edt). [MOON VOID FROM around noon-3pm pacific time] This is a responsibility and rising light VOID. Its a portal of mystery in the midst of our Aquarius cycle–an input zone for guidance and odd timing, exchanges with other worlds and past life appearances.

As SATURN would have us know, we are “self responsible,” even if we are experiencing a consequence now from the past, we are still the source of the creative action which creates consequences, ripples, experiences and our whole life.

We often forget, as students of the night sky, that Aquarius is ruled not only by URANUS but also by SATURN. Aquarius is just as responsible for the physical world creations we see, as Capricorn. So while our somewhat limited vision is blown to pieces by PLUTO in Capricorn, we are called to the air-sign version of SATURN–the one that does instant manifstation rather than the step by stepping of earth Saturn. Air Saturn (the Aquarian version of SATURN) can fly, time-travel and break the Capricornian laws we “thought” were true, but they were only true for the rock, not for consciousness itself. We happen to be consciousness, as much as a rock.  Aquarius is concerned with the boundaries of consciousness, wheras Capricorn is more concerned with the rock, however they both create the world. We all need the rock, to “step off of,” in order to fly. This Full Moon, therefore today and tomorrow, are about our flight. (our soaring,) and our ability to dream, vision and “imagine,” like John Lennon sang–our coming New more Aquarian World.

In the late afternoon, MOON enters the FULL MOON sign and we rise into the thrill, light, action, and insight of the FULL LIGHT of our emotional and past-life to present life translation, in the Aquarian part of our self and life.

During this FULL MOON window, it is a time of REVELATION:dahlia-186450_1280

“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”
—Terence McKenna

. . . . A Time of “Visioning, and Co-Creating our Future”

“If your mind carries a heavy burden of past, you will experience more of the same. The past perpetuates itself through lack of presence. The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.”   
Eckhart Tolle
Honoring New Communities who Shape Our Future With Us:galaxy-purple people
“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” —Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
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July 29, 2015 – Divine Wrecking Ball and Reconstruction Zone of Love

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE in water wisdom, this early morning dawn, initiates our day in Grace. (6:50 am, pdt/ 7:50 am mdt/ 8:50 am cdt/ 9:50 am edt). We are soft and smooth, fluid and able to “go with the flow,” even if that flow involves penetrating catharsis and whole-sale change of “what we think or expect.”

time-explode form-796693_1280MOON in Capricorn is visiting the “wrecking-ball-zone,” again. Once a month, we touch this zone directly, as MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO.

Four times a month (at each square point)–to PLUTO, we have an evolving point-by-point relationship with this wrecking ball zone. Today we are right on the zone by mid-afternoon or evening depending on your timezone. (2:23 pm pdt/ 3:23 pm mdt/ 4:23 pm cdt/ 5:23 pm edt) This place is highly volatile and highly connected to the truth. Its guideline is “go deeper.” We can always go deeper. PLUTO says, what is under that? . . . and under that? Its a good time to clean out really disgusting underworld ideas and dust from under our mind and cabinets.

In Capricorn, allied with PLUTO: we wreck and build new foundations. We draw from the true solid human walkway’s of the past, old stone steps we still walk upon, old stone churches we still pray in. Our old world holds us physically. What of the old world is too tight? Which parts are too oppressive and need to go?  Whatever is inappropriate for the New World of Aquarius, is being deconstructed one thought, or brick at a time.  The New World is bringing revolutions, new technology–rapidly accelerating in its miracle-power.

PLUTO SQUARE URANUS has new systems faster than we can integrate them, it asks us to stretch in ways that are sometimes “outside of what we expected.” In a time of rapid acceleration, change and consciousness shifting, new things, new structures, new ways of walking up the same old steps, are called for.

May we think “outside the box,” and prepare for the unexpected.

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July 28, 2015 – MOON VOID morning ~ Afternoon Grounding Abundance

We are in a dramatic “changing of era’s” and all the facets of that. Changing of era’s has many deaths, and much new life.

We are the new world. What are we without all our systems? We are building the new systems now, they are just beginning to emerge.

MOON in Sagittarius TRINE JUPITER at the end of Leo, (at 6:37 am, pdt/ 7:37 am mdt/ 8:37 am cdt/ 9:37 am edt) sends us into a “Good Luck Void!” MOON will be VOID this morning until it enters Capricorn, grounding new birth meanwhile still the “wrecking ball,” in progress on old systems. Unfortunately–many of our economic and functioning medical, social and other services are based on corrupt systems that will be wrecked due to their own lack of integrity. Its best to get out of the line of fire and collapse in all this drama and focus on what is new. What is birthing from within that requires all of your creative and passionate attention?

Either you have children and are “raising the new era,” or you have a “child project,” that is your “life’s work,” that you evolve and grow. Either one requires all of your attention and you can count on PLUTO and the wrecking ball to take care of collapsing the corrupt systems. (can you see what is falling and is there a way you can apply yourself toward the new emergent systems that are supporting us–post collapse of the corrupt ones?)  It is good to focus on the NEW SYSTEMS that will CARRY US THROUGH THE COLLAPSE of the rest of the PLUTO transit through Capricorn we face in the years to come.

There is a corrupt mythic thread woven in the Capricorn fabric of our world. (those threads are being “pulled”) and it may mess up the whole fabric of our social and economic structures, however, “pulling the dark threads out.” As we become aware, evolve and grow more balanced in masculine and feminine and in human to divine, we will learn what is true and what is false. We will understand what is love and what is fear, and we will make the “right” most loving choices. Therefore, over the next many years, we will lead, participate in and collaborate with HUGE REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM CHANGES IN EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES. I hear URANUS, as “the force of cosmic creative intent for breakthrough and higher mind” saying, “re-member the magic,” . . . . there is nothing to fear, the changes will bring us to the “re-enchantment of the world.” Uranus will not allow us to forget the magic of the invisible spiritual part of our world–forever. The mundane practical and even technological side of our world can forget or attempt to eliminate, at times, the true spiritual worlds that underlie our reality.

URANUS carries a mythic power related to our invisible world and its underlying truths. When a planet stations (as URANUS just did on Sunday)–and goes retrograde, (in my observation)–it presences itself more actively through the world and through us, as if we are faucets and someone turned the Uranus flow up! We can only continue to be the faucet, we do not control what energies are pouring through cosmically. At this time we have extra Uranian inventive breakthrough energy. As the planet retrogrades over the next 5 months–we will be on our own inner inescapable journey of freedom and breakthrough. We are called to re-member our deepest inner spiritual truths and what they speak of our reason for being here and therefore what needs to be done by us next.

As this force gains power and penetrates our world in the station, taking us back to re-member and uncover ground-breaking and psyche-shaking truths that are required for our revolutionary new future–we can trust the process. We can trust that out beyond the movement of planets, at the core of creation, there is a deepest wisdom and a source of un-dominatable love that is eternal and accessible at our command and call. We are tiny creations of that larger force of love that created us.

We can trust the process. All we have to do is follow “our own instructions,” that come from our HEART! We “know” what to do, by our heart, body and gut, not our mind. (that is how I successfully guide myself is via my heart-gut body). How does it feel? If you need to make a decision . . .. imagine how each way “feels.” It should be clear what “feels,” more inspiring and more true to your heart, and therefore opening to the gut. This is the “right way,” and this is how you know. The heart and the gut know. The heart and gut seem to me to open at the right direction and feel contracted, numb or deadened at the wrong direction. The “wrong” direction–(for your highest evolutionary choice)–is often mentally alive and physically numbed. (in my observation).

MOON TRINE VENUS (at 12:44 pm pdt/ 1:44 pm mdt/ 2:44 pm cdt/ 3:44 edt) grounds us into the abundance manifestation part of today. We ground from the VOID as MOON enters Capricorn and makes a grounding aspect with another planet to ground in the new sign energy. We’ve moved our sensitive moonly part from fire to earth. This fire to earth transition is extremely grounding for creativity that can later bring abundance. Since VENUS is also RETROGRADE there is an alchemical purification and deep re-membering and re-creating process going on! Stay tuned to your own inner feminine for direction in the deconstruction and reconstruction process!

May the source of revolution be with you in the highest way. Revolution is here, so may we do it well.


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July 27, 2015 – Stealing Fire from the Gods

Discovering the Power of Love
Discovering the Power of Love

All day Sagittarius Moon asks us to lift our minds toward the higher places, like starlight, dreams, and creative passionate gifts.

With all that we have going on the last two days, today is a simple day of one fiery poignant aspect, reflective of the (40 days in the desert of purification meditation, that we began with VENUS RETROGRADE on Saturday morning.

We are in the mysterious transitional VENUS time between cycles. until and through the Solar Conjunction marking her brand new cycle on August 15th. She is between her old Capricorn 18 month cycle and her new 18 month Leo cycle!

Beautiful Planet Uranus
Planet of the invisible world, electricity, magic and surprises, appears irredescent

MOON TRINE URANUS (freshly RETROGRADE). Exact (at 7pm pdt/ 8pm mdt/ 9pm cdt/ 10pm edt) in the evening.

URANUS, who will be retrograde for the next 5 months, will bring all kinds of inventions from the past up into our sphere to be re-covered, re-membered and re-woven where they belong in the fabric. Many things hidden may be revealed. Our spiritual nature is in integration, renewal, review!

URANUS is related to the invisible forces and powers that relate to instant manifestation and higher technologies of light, sound and free energy. (just to name a few!)

This WILD Uranian Planet Indicator will “shake up,” and “wake up” even “break up,” our lives until we are free, and in a new higher place, than before.

URANUS and VENUS entered RETROGRADE together in a grand retro-dance of weaving HandOfLove_AnaSheigh Boucher_LOVE back into the fabric of life, perhaps in places it was lost or forgotten. Our lives will be touched by the reweaving of love during this time. I look to an old time favorite genius of mine:

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“The truth is, indeed, that love is the threshold of another universe. Beyond the vibrations with which we are familiar, the rainbow-like range of its colours is still in full growth. But, for all the fascination that the lower shades have for us, it is only towards the “ultra” that the creation of light advances. It is in these invisible and, we might almost say, immaterial zones that we can look for true initiation into unity. The depths we attribute to matter are no more than the reflection of the peaks of spirit.”

It truly is the time to unfurl and unfold the magic of the Power of Love in our lives. . .

“What paralyzes life is lack of faith and lack of audacity. The difficulty lies not in solving problems but expressing them. And so we cannot avoid this conclusion: it is biologically evident that to gain control of passion and so make it serve spirit must be a condition of progress. Sooner or later, then, the world will brush aside our incredulity and take this step : because whatever is the more true comes out into the open, and whatever is better is ultimately realized. The day will come when, after harnessing the ether, the winds, the tides, gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And, on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”
–from a Wisdom Keeper, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

May we all discover the power of Love again and again this next 5 months.

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