July 31, 2015 – FULL MOON surfing, into a Deep Poignant Weekend of Full Venus!

woman-639420_1280FULL MOON in Aquarius, OPPOSITE SUN in Leo, occurred pre-dawn this morning (at 3:43 am pdt/ 4:43 am mdt/ 5:43 am cdt/ 6:43 pm edt). This fixed cross-bar of our zodiac is within each of us. We all have the Leo-Aquarius axis in us somewhere. Wherever we have that–its ignighted now with its dance of individuality and community magic.

VENUS enters Leo today (at 8:28 am pdt/ 9:28 am cdt/ 10:28 am edt). She enters the sign where she will take off the clothes and energies of her old cycle and pick up new tools.

VENUS, now in her 40 days in the desert mystery, backing down into the mysterious creative underworld again, only this time in some kind of between Capricorn and Leo VENUS DANCE. We are still in the shift process between an old 18 month VENUS CYCLE that was overlighted by Capricorn, to a new 18 month VENUS CYCLE beginning in mid August.

Some say her cycle begins as she makes the inside SUN-VENUS CONJUNCTION. This is a point in the Venus 5-pointed star pattern that she makes as she goes on her feminine journey. The last point was Capricorn. (18 months ago). Now this point is made with a SUN-VENUS CONJUNCTION in Leo on August 15th.

Planet Venus is in her 40 day in the desert transformation between the Capricorn and Leo cycles.
Planet Venus is in her 40 day in the desert transformation between the Capricorn and Leo cycles.

Some say her cycle begins, only after she rises into the evening sky, and is visible, which will be days after the conjunction as she is invisible when near the SUN. VENUS is retrograding as she crosses the SUN, crossing from “in front of the sun,” as a Morning Star, to “behind the SUN,” as an evening star. As a morning star for a lot of the summer, Venus has forged ahead with her creative and business endeavors–completing her Saturnian Capricornian work cycle of 18 months. She is preparing to “shine” for 18 months while she is solar ruled. Hallelujah! Prepare to shine the inner feminine jewels within! (after the 40 days of desert/de-robing the old).

MOON in Aquarius OPPOSITE MERCURY in Leo, this evening (7:26 pm pdt/ 8:26 pm mdt/ 9:26 pm cdt, 10:26 pm edt) is great for publishing and editing community magazines for the Aquarian mind, and not so great for personal communications. OPPOSITIONS to MERCURY can be tricky to “get along with,” because of their tendency to engage “opposite ideas” between people. Humor is always a good tool for elevating these places of opposition that may arise in families or work situations.

SATURN is slowing down from a 5 month RETROGRADE SEASON, since March 15th, when it stationed to go Retrograde. SATURN is in Scorpio one last time, after already leaving for Sagittarius, before it retrograded back into Scorpio for one more shadow cleaning, power-tending moment. If we forgot how to “hold on to our power,” we will be reminded that we lost it, and that we need to reclaim it.

Tomorrow, SATURN STATIONS late at night. (at 10:53 pm late night pdt)–bringing some quirky surreal SATURN changing direction energy. SATURN is related to our dreams and desires in the physical world. How do we most desire to work and live. What is the “stage in the world,” upon which we truly desire to dance upon?

This transition highlights our deepest SATURN goals and, a long 5 month preparation for a new SATURN phase in our lives. Saturn is the force that allows us to ground our seeds and dreams, into real things. Sometimes dreams take years or a lifetime to manifest, so much longer than we may think, however when they do finally materialize, it is SATURN who brings them home.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS tomorrow is a FULL VENUS–like a FULL MOON but with VENUS–(at 3:02 pm pdt/ 4:02 pm mdt/ 5:02 pm cdt/ 6:02 pm edt). So as SATURN is in shift, from retro to forward, VENUS is in her cathartic fullness–ready to shed the old and don the new. This is a sacred ritual-like weekend within.

May we cherish the delicate forces within us as they change in their cycles–endings and beginnings are delicate tender places for human beings. May we hold each other in these delicate cocoon-leaving moments.

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