July 28, 2015 – MOON VOID morning ~ Afternoon Grounding Abundance

We are in a dramatic “changing of era’s” and all the facets of that. Changing of era’s has many deaths, and much new life.

We are the new world. What are we without all our systems? We are building the new systems now, they are just beginning to emerge.

MOON in Sagittarius TRINE JUPITER at the end of Leo, (at 6:37 am, pdt/ 7:37 am mdt/ 8:37 am cdt/ 9:37 am edt) sends us into a “Good Luck Void!” MOON will be VOID this morning until it enters Capricorn, grounding new birth meanwhile still the “wrecking ball,” in progress on old systems. Unfortunately–many of our economic and functioning medical, social and other services are based on corrupt systems that will be wrecked due to their own lack of integrity. Its best to get out of the line of fire and collapse in all this drama and focus on what is new. What is birthing from within that requires all of your creative and passionate attention?

Either you have children and are “raising the new era,” or you have a “child project,” that is your “life’s work,” that you evolve and grow. Either one requires all of your attention and you can count on PLUTO and the wrecking ball to take care of collapsing the corrupt systems. (can you see what is falling and is there a way you can apply yourself toward the new emergent systems that are supporting us–post collapse of the corrupt ones?)  It is good to focus on the NEW SYSTEMS that will CARRY US THROUGH THE COLLAPSE of the rest of the PLUTO transit through Capricorn we face in the years to come.

There is a corrupt mythic thread woven in the Capricorn fabric of our world. (those threads are being “pulled”) and it may mess up the whole fabric of our social and economic structures, however, “pulling the dark threads out.” As we become aware, evolve and grow more balanced in masculine and feminine and in human to divine, we will learn what is true and what is false. We will understand what is love and what is fear, and we will make the “right” most loving choices. Therefore, over the next many years, we will lead, participate in and collaborate with HUGE REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM CHANGES IN EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES. I hear URANUS, as “the force of cosmic creative intent for breakthrough and higher mind” saying, “re-member the magic,” . . . . there is nothing to fear, the changes will bring us to the “re-enchantment of the world.” Uranus will not allow us to forget the magic of the invisible spiritual part of our world–forever. The mundane practical and even technological side of our world can forget or attempt to eliminate, at times, the true spiritual worlds that underlie our reality.

URANUS carries a mythic power related to our invisible world and its underlying truths. When a planet stations (as URANUS just did on Sunday)–and goes retrograde, (in my observation)–it presences itself more actively through the world and through us, as if we are faucets and someone turned the Uranus flow up! We can only continue to be the faucet, we do not control what energies are pouring through cosmically. At this time we have extra Uranian inventive breakthrough energy. As the planet retrogrades over the next 5 months–we will be on our own inner inescapable journey of freedom and breakthrough. We are called to re-member our deepest inner spiritual truths and what they speak of our reason for being here and therefore what needs to be done by us next.

As this force gains power and penetrates our world in the station, taking us back to re-member and uncover ground-breaking and psyche-shaking truths that are required for our revolutionary new future–we can trust the process. We can trust that out beyond the movement of planets, at the core of creation, there is a deepest wisdom and a source of un-dominatable love that is eternal and accessible at our command and call. We are tiny creations of that larger force of love that created us.

We can trust the process. All we have to do is follow “our own instructions,” that come from our HEART! We “know” what to do, by our heart, body and gut, not our mind. (that is how I successfully guide myself is via my heart-gut body). How does it feel? If you need to make a decision . . .. imagine how each way “feels.” It should be clear what “feels,” more inspiring and more true to your heart, and therefore opening to the gut. This is the “right way,” and this is how you know. The heart and the gut know. The heart and gut seem to me to open at the right direction and feel contracted, numb or deadened at the wrong direction. The “wrong” direction–(for your highest evolutionary choice)–is often mentally alive and physically numbed. (in my observation).

MOON TRINE VENUS (at 12:44 pm pdt/ 1:44 pm mdt/ 2:44 pm cdt/ 3:44 edt) grounds us into the abundance manifestation part of today. We ground from the VOID as MOON enters Capricorn and makes a grounding aspect with another planet to ground in the new sign energy. We’ve moved our sensitive moonly part from fire to earth. This fire to earth transition is extremely grounding for creativity that can later bring abundance. Since VENUS is also RETROGRADE there is an alchemical purification and deep re-membering and re-creating process going on! Stay tuned to your own inner feminine for direction in the deconstruction and reconstruction process!

May the source of revolution be with you in the highest way. Revolution is here, so may we do it well.


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Thank You for being your highest self! I love you!