MOON CONJUNCT SATURN and SQUARE JUPITER in the middle of the night was contracting and expanding –some kind of human temperence going on! We are expanded and contracted. Expand and contract, these are the basic motions of the universe and of us in times of immense shifting–on all levels at once.

There is a foundational part of our reality “shifting” in these times. URANUS, in its movement is the planet that continually reminds us that this world is “not what it appears to be,” that things can appear or disappear fast as lightning. And our intention and energetic communion with the spiritual realms can make all the difference between a higher or lower expression of this radical time of change and uprooting old ways.

blue-star skyURANUS STATIONING can be erratic or go in circles before going in a straight line. Its important to remember the ultra electrical energy of Uranian days like today and drink extra water, invoke extra humor at our mistakes and mishaps, and re-member URANUS’ genius in “circling,” or “circling back,” for another round, only higher this time. The circle is actually a spiral going up.

In the midst of the VENUS station, yesterday and her removal of her veils and old clothes, the old skin shedding, her sky ally in freedom, revolution and instant change–(Uranus)–is joining her in the clearing of old stories, old beliefs and old interactive outdated modes of being that need re-infusion and re-programming!

The exact URANUS STATION is early in the morning (at 3:38 am pdt/ 4:38 am mdt/ 5:38am cdt/ 6:38 am edt). The extra Uranian energy can be powerful in many ways–it can be volatile or be filled with invisible magic and knowing. It is a wizards and magic wand kind of day! Uranus is delightful in its higher mind!

Planets Retrograding allows us review and re-alignment time. It is a time for digestion, purification and clearing old beliefs in the planetary areas. In Uranian areas–how we relate with our divine and collective, larger forces–is re-aligning.

MOON SQUARE VENUS (at 6:49 am pdt/ 7:49 am mdt/ 8:49 am cdt/ 9:49 am edt)- amidst all the chaos and change energy–there may be love and/or money tension. Its a day to work through a bit of that stuff, clearing and re-aligning, healing and upgrading!

MOON TRINE SUN at ( 11:55 am pdt/ 12:55 pm mdt/ 1:55 pm cdt/ 2:55 pm edt)- is a solar lunar dance of harmony. In support of the shifting changing energies, there is masculine feminine harmony to support us in an area where we are building our solar expression. The SUN is in radiatn Leo, now trining MOON in Sagittarius. The fiery Sun Moon team are aligned and inspired, ready to re-invent whatever needs re-inventing, especially on this Uranian day!

MOON TRINE MERCURY (at 7:25 pm pdt/ 8:25 pm mdt/ 9:25 pm cdt/ 10:25pm edt) More fiery creative light in the realm of communications! We are at a lit up time for communications, MERCURY still very near the SUN from the conjunction on last Thursday! It is a writing night!

May we write the most beautiful stories into our lives at this time!  May we revel in the freedom we have with a magic wand of intent in hand!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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